Winter Mermaid/Pirate Photoshoot

Ciao lovelies! Recently I did a dramatic Winter-Themed Mermaid/Pirate photoshoot out in the cold and froze my butt off!
The concept was Mermaid turned human who's lamenting in the winter time about her old life. She wants to return to the water so much that she becomes a pirate.

Coming next? The outtakes of course! A super unflattering collage of all the unusable photos from this shoot!


  1. What makes it pirate themed? There's no way of guessing she turns into a pirate or eve was once a mermaid. Might want to consider some seashell accessories or something.

    1. Thank you for your feedback! I actually do have seashells in my hair, they are hard to see but there is a seashell clip. But I like your suggestions! Next time I will add more obvious ocean themed items. Thanks for commenting! ^-^


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