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What To Put In A Self Care Box? How to Make a Box for Self Care !

Ciao lovelies! Today's post is about how to make a self-care box and what kind of stuff to put in it!

Monster High Minis Review!

Ciao lovelies! I recently bought a Monster High Mini, here are my thoughts on it!
The price was $2.88 at my local Walmart. These function like blind boxes, so you can't see what you're getting. Here is the packaging:
Once opened, it looks like this (when all the packaging is off and the collectors guide is taken out):
It's a cute little mini figure inside a tiny locker! I'm not sure which character this is (I'm still getting caught up with Monster High webseries) But she's one of the Power Ghouls!
Apparently, according to the guide, she was a "Fangtastic Find"!
So, my thoughts? I love this!! I'm a huge sucker for blind bags/blind boxes, and mini figures (As shown by my addiction to Tsum Tsums!)
So overall, 5/5! This might be my go-to for a little pick-me-up purchase on my down days, since it costs the same as Tsum Tsums and other Blind boxes like shopkins!
What do you think of these toys?
Love, Luna



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