Kawaii Kidult Fashion Lookbook - Kidcore Cute Outfits for Spring

Ciao lovelies! I haven't done a fashion post on here for a while so I figured I would post a lookbook! As a kidult who loves cute clothes, I dress in a style I would describe as "kawaii kidcore" inspired, so all the looks in this post are inspired with that in mind. I'll try to list where I found stuff under each pic as well.

Let's get into the lookbook!

The hairstyle for this one was a new try, I like how it turned out a lot. The sweater and skirt are from romwe and the socks are from hot topic. The beaded necklace (which will be seen a lot more) is handmade by me.

Overalls always make me feel cute, do you feel this way too? They work perfectly for having a onesie on underneath, like i have in this pic. The onesie is from amazon, the choker is from amazon, the bow is from the dollar store and my overalls here are from romwe.

Another shot of the same romwe sweater, the fake selfie effect comes from a toy flip phone :)

Another take on the hairstyle I tried! Spacebuns lovers, unite!

I love using rainbow elements in my designs, especially for kidcore things. 

This outfit was for a anniversary date with CG/Papa. The necklace is a gift from his family, the dress is from romwe, the sweater is from aldi, choker from amazon.

A staple for my kidcore outfits is mismatch socks. It makes me feel so smol.

I wore this outfit to an art gallery with my agere brother. Blouse from romwe, shirt from 5 below, skirt is thrifted.

Little hippie vibes! Dress is romwe and vest is thrifted. 

Handmade necklace by me, surrounded by items from the dollar store that I use in my daily outfits.

Shirt here is from my cg's family and my sweater is from romwe. It's intended to be a roomwear set and comes with bloomers as well, but the top works nicely as a pull-on cardigan.

Anime inspired look here, the choker has a moon charm that isnt shown. The dress is anime inspired by romwe. the makeup was also anime inspired, using the blue liner shown previously.

Outfit for a trip to the petting zoo. Hat, overalls, shoes from romwe and onesie from amazon.

My daily bag with my pins/flair, plus dollar store find socks and my daily boots with ribbon laces.

Sweater, necklace, and bone hairclips, from romwe. Overalls from amazon.

Hair accessory and dress from romwe, choker from amazon.

Shirt from redbubble, undershirt from romwe. :)