6 Fun BFF/Couple Themed Agere Picrews / Dress Up Games

Ciao lovelies! Today I have a fun list of  BFF/couple themed picrews for y'all!  If you don't know what a picrew is, it's an online dress up/avatar maker site full of independently made games, and many people online use this site to make profile pictures for themselves. In this post not only will I share the links but each one will have a version I made using that same game :) Let's dive into this!

Doodle Duo / "You & Me" by Otani 

Make a cute, simplistic, doodle-style artwork of you and a friend, you and your cg, the list is endless :)

Create yourself and your loved one in cute hooded blankets! Nice and cosy for early spring!

"Mineral SD for two" by bl0ck

A cute option for besties who love to be stylish together! Lots of nice outfit options for your duo!

"Manggaetteok Pick Cru" by sweet persimmon

Make your duo with this super close-up picrew! Do you have a OC duo with striking contrast eyes? This picrew is great for showing that off.

"Blanket kungya" by 0000111

A cosy and somewhat eerie little picrew that manages to have both winter and halloween vibes somehow. Very cute art style, but limited outfits.

"rice bowl couple" by chicken

A whimsical way to imagine your duo, but fun and refreshing as well! Has extra unique hair color options but no dark skin options.

What theme of picrews would you like to see next? I have plenty to choose from, so throw those suggestions my way! :)

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