6 Fun Animal Themed Agere Picrews / Dress Up Games

Ciao lovelies! Today I have a fun list of animal themed picrews for y'all! If you don't know what a picrew is, it's an online dress up/avatar maker site full of independently made games. Many people online use this site to make profile pictures for themselves! In this post not only will I share the links but each one will have a version I made using that same game :) Let's dive into this!

Otter picrew

Have you ever wanted to be an otter? Try this picrew on for size!

<Beta>Dragon Meka

Did you dream of being a dragon? Let this picrew help your dream come true!

fanmade Warrior Cats image maker

Added this one to the list was inspired by my agere brother and bestie! Warrior Cats is a series of books by Erin Hunter focusing on wild cats creating their own societies. This picrew can help you see how you would look in the Warrior Cats world!

Create a Fish!/魚を作る

Fishie Fishie, in the sea, swimming here along with me, let's go to the coral reef and into crabs we'll sink our teeth! Let's become fish using this cute picrew by Blu Antonik.


I often think about what I would look like as a plushie! My favorite personal plushie is Mr Wobbles (Archibald Von Woe) and if I was a plushie I would want to be a demon one like him :)

my Kangitsune

This beautiful fox spirit creator game allows you to make your own protective fox spirit! Choose their expressions, ear types,etc!

What theme of picrews would you like to see next? I have plenty to choose from, so throw those suggestions my way! :)

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Thank you again for reading! :) Stay awesome and remember to love yourself!