DIY Candy Wrapper Flower - Recycled Craft for Agere Littles !

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is a no scissors, no glue craft which means its safe to make while regressed, even to younger ages! This diy is a way to use candy wrappers to make a cute pretend flower for decoration! Let’s get started.

So first let’s go over the supplies.

You’ll need: Tootsie roll or other candy wrappers (i used about ten), pipecleaners (fuzzy bendable craft wires), and green embroidery floss.

First off you’ll need to flatten and lay out each wrapper, you can use your hands to smooth them down. They just need to lie flat as one piece. And of course, do this for all your wrappers.

Next you will need to line up the wrappers, overlapping them slightly. Lay them all facing the same direction.

Fold them all in half with the white part of the wrapper to the top. 

Roll the lined up folded wrappers into a bundle and secure that with a pipecleaner, then use more pipecleaners to make an extended stem.

Wrap the stem in the green thread to create a nice green stem for our flower, fluff the petals a bit, and now you have a cool flower to display!

Stay awesome and remember to love yourself!

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Thanks for reading, stay awesome, remember to love yourself, and I'll see you in the next post or whatever comes next !