What is Age Regression? I asked ChatGpt: here’s the facts.

Ciao Lovelies! Today I have a bit of a new concept here, I asked ChatGpt the question "What is Age Regression?" and the following article is a short, back and forth style dialogue between the AI and my commentary. I hope you enjoy it! 

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As I entered my question into ChatGpt I wondered what it would say to me. I knew its current form is capped in knowledge to 2021 for now, and I wondered if agere was enough of a common term in 2021 to give me any response. A few seconds later the screen began to fill with black text, words into paragraphs into a whole article. Wow. ChatGpt really is going to replace us all, huh? I want to write LOL here so badly, but I do genuinely worry a bit. Anyhow, I began to pour over the essay that this AI had written for me about age regression. 

“Age regression is a psychological phenomenon in which an individual temporarily reverts back to a younger age, usually in response to stress, anxiety, or other forms of psychological distress.”

Off to a good start. This is a pretty good definition, a bit narrow as it doesn’t mention positive-triggered age regression but I suppose it can expand further on. There is after all, a huge amount of specifications and personal takes on Agere, as there is on any mental health topic. I kept reading what the AI generated, 

“The term “age regression” is often used in the context of psychotherapy or counseling, where it is viewed as a coping mechanism that allows individuals to escape from the demands and stresses of adult life.”

Okay! That’s interesting. I honestly wasn’t expecting this ChatGpt thing to know about it as a coping skill as well. Usually it’s written off as either a symptom only or a hypnosis therapy only. It’s rare to find a source that covers the different types in full. I wonder where the AI found this tidbit of info. I read further,

“Age regression is often accompanied by a shift in behavior, such as increased dependency, decreased responsibility, and a heightened need for nurturance and support. For example, a person who is experiencing age regression may exhibit childlike behaviors, such as crying, whining, or clinging to others for support. They may also experience changes in their language, speech patterns, and cognitive functioning, as they revert back to the mental and emotional state of a younger age.”

Hmm. This one makes me lean back in my chair and tilt my head. 

It’s got some things correct but the tone is off somehow. I think the meaning here is supposed to be referring to age regression when it’s exhibited as a symptom and not about coping skill regression. I read on again,

“There are several theories that attempt to explain the psychological processes behind age regression. One of the most prominent is the psychoanalytic theory of regression, which posits that regression is a defense mechanism that is activated when an individual is faced with overwhelming stress or anxiety. According to this theory, regression represents a return to earlier, more primitive forms of mental functioning, such as the use of fantasy, denial, and projection, which are more effective at coping with the stresses of the present moment.”

Alright that's an absolute fact. A BIG early argument - that the agere community online used to defend themselves against people who tried to connect agere coping to deviant behaviors - was that everyone age regresses unconsciously during times of discomfort (wanting mom when sick, etc). This was such a common response because 1. It’s true and really hard to argue against and 2. It correctly distinguishes the behavior of age regression as a coping skill/mechanism. Interesting to see this in an AI’s response. Continuing to read,

“Another theory suggests that age regression is a form of self-soothing behavior that is activated when an individual experiences emotional distress. This theory views age regression as a way of seeking comfort and safety, by returning to a time in life when they felt more secure and protected.”

Once again, a big ole yassss to this. Not sorry btw, cringe is dead :3 

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back to the AI,

“Regardless of the specific psychological mechanisms that underlie age regression, it is clear that this coping mechanism can be very effective in helping individuals to manage stress and anxiety. By temporarily stepping back from the demands and pressures of adult life, individuals who experience age regression can find a sense of safety and security in a more familiar, childlike state. This can be especially valuable for individuals who have experienced trauma or other forms of emotional distress, as age regression provides a way to escape from the overwhelming feelings associated with these experiences.”

This is also all true! A lot of people who age regress as a coping mechanism have childhood trauma which can push them to want a “second chance” at childhood. 

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There’s also a great many age regressors who use it as a coping mechanism for other life struggles, like chronic illness, mental illness, high stress occupations, etc. So again, I’m surprised how nuanced this computer’s dialogue on this is.

“However, it is important to note that age regression is not always a healthy coping mechanism. In some cases, age regression can become a maladaptive pattern of behavior, in which individuals become overly dependent on others, avoid responsibility, and fail to address the underlying issues that are causing their distress. When this happens, age regression can actually make the individual’s problems worse, as they are not addressing the root causes of their emotional distress.”

I am so glad this comes up within the dialogue about agere, even with a computer. While it’s a valid form of coping and an understandable trait, with so much heavy focus on validation and positivity about agere in online spaces we don’t often see any critique of the practice by those within our communities.

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 Just like anything in life, excess can throw things out of balance and mess up our situations. This is a very important thing to keep an eye on.

Ah, and here’s the AI’s last paragraph. 

“In conclusion, age regression is a complex psychological phenomenon that can serve as an effective coping mechanism for individuals who are experiencing stress, anxiety, or other forms of emotional distress. While age regression can be a valuable tool for managing these difficult emotions, it is important to use it in a healthy and adaptive way, and to seek the guidance of a mental health professional if necessary. With the right support and guidance, age regression can be a powerful tool for promoting emotional well-being and building resilience in the face of life’s challenges.”

 I find this to be a fairly agreeable conclusion. It’s accurate, comprehensive and sounds like a conclusion that would be drawn by an author more sympathetic to age regression than against it. 

Anime: Himouto Umaru Chan

I can’t quite say that it’s unbiased, I don’t know what data it pulled from to answer me and so the sources of the facts may be biased one way or another. However, as far as introductory information goes, this AI-generated essay on age regression is pretty good.

Thanks for reading!

Are there any topics you’d like to see another article like this on? I can ask the ChatGpt bot just about anything (though the damn thing scolded me when I tried to ask about THC, hmph). I enjoy providing my perspective on these things as an age regressor.

Stay Awesome and Remember to Love Yourself!

Lunaria L Moon


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