40 Kawaii/Agere Themed Animal Crossing New Horizons Outfits!


Ciao lovelies! I've been saving screenshots of the kawaii and agere themed ootd's of my animal crossing character for a big post like this! I enjoy crafting new outfits for my character each day, to me it's a crucial part of the ACNH experience! So in this post, I'll be sharing those outfits with you lovelies! Let's see 'em!

Each ootd will have a caption with the "name" of the outfit, like a theme or title!

1: Black and Yellow Kiddo

2: Froggy Explorer

3: Ice Bear the Cutie

4: Green Baby Mage

5: Orange Mage in Training

6: Cinnamoroll School Uniform

7: Yellow Academic

8: Coraline Inspired

9: Magical Cat Cutie

10: Casual Cat Explorer

11: Kimono Kitty

12: Sunshine Lemon

13: Yellow Detective

14: Galaxy Kiddo

15: Casual Fall Academic

16: Retro Fun Kitty

17: Punk Clowncore

18: Froggy Kiddo Keroppi

19: Hello Kitty Angelic Baby

20: JJBA Fan Outfit

21: OFT Hoodie

22: Cottagecore LightGreen 

23: Snazzy Witch Jazzy

24: Ciao Bear!

25: Springy Casual Explorer

26: Sunshine Rainboots

27: Froggy Kiddo on a Rainy Day

28: Blue Cool and Chic

29: Yellow Blossom

30: Pastel Pink Baby Mode

31: Punk Rock Kiddo

32: Goth Baby

33: Blue Bubblegum

34: DJ Babie

35: Kawaii Mayor

36: Farming Sunshine

37: King Kidcore

38: Hibiscus Angel

39: Flashy Pink Party Time

40: Ellie Sattler

Let me know what YOU think in the comments below! Stay awesome and PLS remember to love your self!!!!!


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