Sugoi Mart Kawaii Store Review!

 Ciao lovelies! As you know, Kawaii is one of the big focus points for OFT! Today I’ll be reviewing a kawaii store that you can get Sanrio goods from! This store is called SugoiMart, and they sent me a package full of items to review for you! Now, even though they sent me these for free, all opinions shared by me are 100% authentic and honest opinions. (You lovelies know how I feel about honesty, after all!). So let’s dive right on into this fun filled review!

Oh, and if you’d like to see a video version of this post, look no further:

So right away, I really enjoyed the personalized nature of the package. A lot of companies send PR type stuff to “influencers” but this felt nicely personalized and curated. There was also a handwritten note and a cute winter-themed Sugoi Mart sticker included which I greatly enjoyed. I always admire when companies take the time to add a personal note like that.

The first item I noticed right away was this set of Pochacco themed lip balm and hand cream in the scent of grapefruit. 

I enjoy the texture of the lipbalm, it’s not too greasy. The hand cream is also pretty nice and leaves my hands feeling soft. For these reasons I’d rate this product 5/5!

Next, let’s talk about the cute stationary items! You lovelies know I am a huge fan of stationary products (how many novelty pens do I have? The world may never know). So when I saw these items I was super excited!

First up is a ultra kawaii sanrio themed pencil! 

The pastel colors are adorbs and I want to write flowery diary entries or something with it! (I have not yet decided what is worthy to write with this adorable pencil). 

Next I absolutely NEED you lovelies to witness this adorable memo sheet pad!!! Firstly, it comes with a sheet of stickers (score!) and each memo page design feels cuter than the last! Here are some of the designs within:

I love this so much and I have used it for so many journal pages ! 

Overall for both of these stationary products, another 5/5 is in order!

Moving on, let’s talk about some minis! There were a few re-ment blindboxes in this package and of course, all sanrio themed! First let me show you this adorable Cinnamoroll cafe set I got!!

The details on this miniature set are absolutely amazing and kind of mind-blowing tbh. Japanese miniatures, especially Re-ment, are on like a whole other level of wow. 

I know I have a personal bias to loving miniatures, but even trying to be as objective as possible I feel like this set easily rates 5/5!

Another one of the blindboxes contained this super cute terrarium of Little Twin Stars!

This came in parts but was super easy to set up! I think it’s not as detailed as some other miniatures I’ve seen, but it is very cute regardless. For that, I feel this is a 4/ 5 !

One last miniature to discuss, check out this lovely little diecast car with the pattern of the character Pekkle!

This is super nice, like I said before it’s made of metal and is very highly detailed! I definitely give this one  a 5/5 !

Moving away from miniatures, let’s move into household stuff! I want to start by talking about this Pompompurin hand-towel!

The texture is like microfiber and it is very absorbent. Plus the whole towel can be folded up into his cute lil face so you can carry it around for convenience! 

I will give this a 4/ 5 but this is purely for personal preference of disliking microfiber fabric, if you do not have fabric sensory issues I believe this would be a 5/5 for others!

Next let’s talk about this ADORABLE cup!!!!!

This cup stole my heart right away. From the adorable sleeping characters to the sweet message written, it’s amazing. It’s sturdy as well and makes a wonderful addition to my kitchen! 5/5

Now let’s discuss the Hello Kitty foldable straw! 

This is a great idea for sustainability but also is super cute! I enjoy that it can be taken on the go but still has a cute carrying capsule!


We are almost to the end, but first ! I have 3 more items to review! Let’s keep on truckin!

Next up I got this beautiful Hello Kitty spoon:

This makes me want to either stir some tea or eat some warm soup! The design is super cute and the spoon feels nice to hold as well. 5/5

I also received these cute Gudetama crackers!

Each package has a cute different picture of Gudetama, and the crackers themselves are delightfully tasty! They are a light vanilla flavor with lots of crunch and pretty nice for a good snack. 5/5

The time has arrived, lovelies! We are talking about the last item…..My Melody!

This plush is super cute and features Melo wearing gothic lolita style! It is super soft and fun to cuddle and hug. Melo has quickly become one of my favorite plushie companions! 5/5

Thank you again to SugoiMart for collaborating with me! I loved checking out all of these items! If you’re interested in finding kawaii items as well, check out SugoiMart!

Thank you lovelies for reading, and I’ll see you later!

Stay awesome and remember to love yourself!