Luna’s TOP 10 Jewelry Making Tips + Ideas!

Ciao lovelies! As you may already be aware, one of my favorite crafts is jewelry making, and I’ve been making fun bracelets, necklaces, brooches, and other jewelry for as long as I can remember. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about the hobby, and picked up a lot of tips and ideas along the way. So for today’s post, I thought I’d share 10 of my top tips and ideas for jewelry making, along with photo examples!

Luna’s TOP 10 Jewelry Making Tips + Ideas!

Design Tips:

Tip #1: If you’re having trouble developing a design, try working from a theme. 

Sometimes it’s hard to narrow down exactly what you’re envisioning as a piece of jewelry. On that note, something that helps me a lot when I’m coming up blank on a design is to pick a theme at random. Something general enough to work from, but specific enough to help narrow down my options. Example themes I’ve used in the past include: sweets, Blue (Jurassic World), Draculaura (Monster High), Clawdeen (Monster High)....etc.

Tip #2: To further simplify the design process, try choosing 2-3 colors to work with.

If you’re still stumped on your design, make it easier to choose by selecting 2-3 colors to stick to in your design. Of course, highlighting beads in white, black, or metal colors, don’t really count towards these colors unless you want them to. Example color combos I like: pastel shades of blue, pride flag color sets, color sets based on specific characters…etc.

Tip #3: Picking a pattern can help the harmony of a design. 

A great way to simplify and bring a design together is to pick a pattern to work off for your colors and shaped beads. Repeated patterns work well to help a design become cohesive. I enjoy alternating colors of beads, shapes of beads, or even opaque vs transparent types. There’s a lot you can do with patterns in a design, even morse code or secret messages!

Tip #4: Symmetry does NOT guarantee a better design. 

I know in daily life, we often associate symmetry with beauty or nicer works, but in jewelry and other art forms, symmetry does not mean the design will automatically be a better one. When starting out, it’s okay to feel more comfortable making symmetrical designs, but it’s also perfectly fine to branch out. You can achieve asymmetry with special beads or charms to highlight each side, or even with different words in letter beads.

Tip #5: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques, materials, etc on your designs.

One of my biggest set-backs in this hobby was my issue with a perfectionist mindset, I always want each piece to turn out perfectly, and that’s not realistic, especially when trying out new techniques, designs, or materials. Accepting that some pieces may be just practice attempts is very important.


Idea #1: Upcycling old items is a great way to find hardware for the hobby!

One of my favorite things to upcycle in jewelry making is old keychains! I can use them as clasps at the end of bracelets or necklaces. I can also upcycle old jewelry for parts like lobster claws, ring bases, jump rings, chains, etc.

Idea #2: Simple Brooches can be made with Thumbtacks/Pushpins!

If you also like to craft charms for brooches or pins, you can give them the backing they need with pushpins or thumbtacks hot glued to the back. For the pin backing, you can use old pin backs, or use craft foam cubes for the stoppers. I have made a few brooches in this style, including this Popsicle one shown in the example photo.

Idea #3: Custom shaped pendants can be made with pipe cleaners and beads, or other forms of wire and bead combos!

A fun touch for a custom necklace is a one of a kind pendant made from pipecleaners (or other wire) and beads for decor! I made this peace sign pendant (shown in the example) from black pipecleaners and beads in a purple theme. Pipecleaners are easier to work with than other wire, but if you have wire cutters or pliers, other wire is always an option! Even wire upcycled from old spiral notebooks, like in THIS old OFT tutorial. 

Idea #4: Using a similar technique to idea 3, you can also make Rings!

Along with custom pendants, did you know you can even use the pipe cleaner and beads method to make rings? In the example photo, I used a fuzzy pipe cleaner and some cute beads. As long as you tuck in the sharp pipe cleaner edges, this idea is safe for regular wear and use. This can also be done with other wire, but honestly for comfort’s sake, I would recommend the pipe cleaners instead.

Idea #5: Don’t be afraid to scavenge for cool pendants! 

If you’re more inclined to want to make very unique and one of a kind designs (like me),  you’ll probably avoid buying craft store charms and pendants in favor of something less common. I have found that party favors, dollar store toys, old keychains, vintage jewelry, pop tabs, and much more, make awesome charms and pendants that are especially unique! In the example photo shown, I used a plastic party favor eyeball from Halloween and pierced it with an awl. After that, I simply had to thread the elastic cord through and then make the rest! 

What do you think of my ideas + tips? Do you have any to share? Leave them in the comments below, I’d love to hear your tips for making jewelry!

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