5 Fun Ideas for Your Agere/Littlespace Bag!

Ciao lovelies! Before I begin, I’d like to thank one of you lovelies, named Isobel, for the suggestion behind this post! I am slowly working my way through the requests currently in the blog post request form, but don’t let that discourage any of you from sharing your requests! ^-^ and thanks for the patience on that so far! In today’s post, to answer Isobel’s request for something related to an agere bag, I will be sharing 5 fun ideas for your agere/littlepace bag! Including decoration ideas, things to pack within, and some subtle/discreet regression ideas too! I hope you like this post, and let’s get into it!

Once again, thank you Isobel for this suggestion! 

I know many of my fellow age regressors / littles out there can’t openly be themselves for fear of judgment or bullying, so a lot of you have to be discreet or subtle about your littlespace. I wish we could live in a world that’s more open and accepting to everyone, but for now, this list has some discreet regression suggestions for you ! Let me know if you’d like to see more ideas like that in the future!

5 Fun Ideas for Your Agere/Littlespace Bag!

IDEA #1: Personalize / Decorate a Plain Backpack!

I love doing this, and with some hot glue and other craft supplies, it’s pretty easy! This backpack makeover I actually have a video for:

But there are many other ways to make your agere bag unique! You could use patches, buttons, keychains, fabric paint….there’s a lot you can do with a plain backpack! For those worried about being discreet, you can always explain a cute bag as kawaii or alternative fashion inspired, and doubly so if you use fandom decorations from shows you like when small! :)

Your bag would be super personal to you, and also shows your secret little side~!

Now let’s move to some ideas of items that can be packed in your bag for discreet regression! 

IDEA #2: Subtle Babey Snacks!

It’s super easy to bring along snacks like fruit snacks, goldfish, bite size muffins, etc, and these can double as regression snacks! 

I personally like goldfish, fruit snacks, and scooby snacks! (Scooby snacks are also good for those of you who pet regress!)

You can take this a step further with cute or kawaii food storage containers, or just tupperware that you can cover with stickers!

IDEA #3: Personalize your Devices!

So you could get a cute phonecase like in the picture above, which is an easy and cute way to feel little, but you could also personalize your phone or mp3 player with things like cute stickers on the outside! AND, now with the iphone updates, you could customize the icons in your phone, lockscreen images, etc! :) You could even make your passcode a secret reference to a small time show you like !!

Another thing you can do is DIY a cute case for your phone out of felt! Check out THIS DIY from OFT’s past where I made a cute cat pouch for your device!

IDEA #4: Tiny Toys! 

Okay, this is a little less subtle, but you can bring small toys or minifigures in your small bag! It may feel a little uncomfortable to do so at first, but you can give a lot of reasons for this!

Possible explanations for toys in your bag:

  • “I have a job as a babysitter after school and these are for the kids there.”
  • “I am an ameteur photographer and I like using these for practice.”
  • “I thought these looked cute and possibly would make nice fidget toys”
  • “I like to have something in my hands when I focus”

Etc, but you can also just give a simple:

“I think they’re cool.” 

You don’t owe anyone an explanation for the things you like, and you don’t need to be ashamed. What you share with others is your business, and your business only!

IDEA #5: Cute Memo Pads!

This is a fun one, because it can be so easily explained and can add this awesome moment of cuteness and secret smallness to your day! A lot of people carry memo pads or to-do lists, and it’s not unusual to have cute ones! You can even pair this up with a kawaii pen or pencil, and it’s totally normal, and flies easily under everyone’s radar. Kawaii stationery has been a common interest for a while, so it won’t make anyone suspicious.

What do you think of these ideas? What would you put in an agere bag? I’d love to know, comment what you think in the box below this post :)

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this, Isobel, and everyone else as well!

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And now the most important part: please remember to stay AWESOME and LOVE yourself!! You are epic, awesome, and amazing, and you deserve to know this each and every day! Be sure to give yourself positive affirmation each and every day! 

I’ll see you in the next post, video, or whatever comes next!


  1. sparkle._.moon._.pupFebruary 20, 2023 at 5:45 PM

    cute i would like to see more ideas plz

    1. I'll definitely make another one of these with more ideas soon! :)


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