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Ciao lovelies! Like many of you, agere / age regression has changed my life for the better in many ways, helping me cope and encouraging my creativity and fun spirit. There has always been one thing I wanted agere to help me with, though, and that is life organization / task management! I do have a planner, and a calendar system for all my events, etc, but I really wanted something with more daily applications that could improve my daily life, help me remember to do tasks, and be linked to my age regression headspace. And then I found this app called “OurHome,” and I absolutely love it, which is why I want to review this app for you today and talk about how I use it for my daily tasks!

DISCLAIMER: OFT and Lunaria are NOT sponsored by OurHome, the Apple App Store, or any other brand mentioned within the following post. The following review contains NO affiliate links or paid promotions, and is solely my personal opinion regarding this app based on my own experiences. 

How I found this app:

    I found out about the OurHome app from Tumblr, actually! The user who posted about this app has since changed blogs and is now a 18+ blog, so I don’t feel comfortable linking them here, my apologies.

What is OurHome?:

    The OurHome app is essentially a virtual to-do list, but connected to others! You can use this app with fellow regressors, or a CG if you have one. The idea is that you create a “Family” to add users to, and you can add tasks, reward points, rewards, due dates, etc. 

How I use OurHome:

    My explanation of this is probably going to be pretty long, but I’m including lots of tips for use of the app and other ideas, so it’s worth the read! 


    My CG and I use this app together. We set up our Family unit as “The Moon Family” (You can name your family whatever you want). For us to use this app, we both needed to download it on our separate devices, and my CG set up the Family account. From there, he sent a link to my email that I used to make my account as a part of the Moon Family. After that, we were connected on the app, super easily, and then we began customizing. 


    I had made a journal page about things I wanted to improve on in day-to-day life, and I showed this to my CG. Using that page, we decided upon daily, recurring, or even weekly tasks for me. It was very important to me that this process was not just his ideas, but also my input and agreement. I knew that if we worked together on deciding these tasks, I’d be more likely to see the weight behind them and be happier to keep up with them. Plus, it’s very nice knowing that not only am I doing the tasks for reward points, but because the tasks are so closely linked to my own personal goals, I’m also doing them for myself!

Task Setup:

    The app has a LOT of customization options. For example, I have a recurring daily task to take my meds. This task gives me a notification every day at a specific time to ensure that I don’t forget. There are tasks that aren’t daily, as well, such as my “Laundry” task, which reoccurs weekly. We can also add one-time tasks for special events like picking up prescriptions or fun tasks like “send a selfie to -CG- with Buu (my cat).” Being able to adjust frequency and type of task is a helpful feature that I really like, but it’s not the only cool thing in this app.

Rewards Setup:

    I also really love how customizable the rewards system is. You can base it on points or tasks completed, and as you earn points, you can choose to save up for larger rewards or cash in whenever you want! My CG set up some rewards for me with my help in adding options. The big goal (2000 points) earns me a surprise gift, or if I don’t want to save that long, there are other options like Boba date (500 points). Having the system this way gives me a sense of autonomy while still helping me stay encouraged to do my tasks. 

Points and Due Dates:

    Tasks can also be assigned due dates, and can have late penalties which can take away existing points or reduce point value for completing tasks. I like the latter of those options, as I can be forgetful, and I don’t get discouraged by my existing points disappearing. This option allows for me to see the consequences of not doing tasks without feeling discouraged or losing motivation. 

My Fave Feature:

    Oh, and the best feature in my opinion? If my CG notices that any of my tasks are not complete, he can send a little reminder notification to me which shows up as a “Gentle nudge.” He can do this with a simple tap, and it’s easy for him, which makes him happy. Plus, I like this because it’s a kind reminder without forcing my CG to constantly remind me via text or check ins on the phone. 

Other Customization Perks:

    Oh, and you can add comments or photos to tasks and completed tasks, track completed tasks, you have access to an activity feed of all completed tasks and claimed rewards… There is a LOT to love here.

    Did I mention that you can add custom profile photos for yourself and your CG? The app provides some cute ones to choose from if you don’t want to upload anything, my CG and I are currently using the defaults, he is a turtle and I am a cat. Though, with how popular picrews are in the agere online space, I can totally see this feature being a good place to use some picrew images!

One Feature I Don't Use:

    There is a feature in this app that I don’t use, mainly because I don’t currently live with my CG, but this feature could be super useful for agere roommates or even for possibly planning trips/outings together. The feature I’m referring to is the shared grocery list! This feature allows you and anyone else in the family account to make a cumulative grocery list. Which means each of you can add things that you need/want. For roommates, the benefits are awesome for grocery shopping or notifying each other of when things run out. For those who don’t live together, you could use this as a wishlist, christmas list, birthday list, etc.

    (Side note, typing out the grocery list feature has me thinking… why don’t I use this with my CG?? Maybe we’ll check out the options next time we see each other.)

Luna’s OurHome Ratings:

User Experience: 5/5, I am always pleased to see such possibility for customization on something like this, and navigating the app is pleasantly easy! 

Useful: 5/5, I find this app very useful for my needs! It has many great features that I highly enjoy.

Accessibility: 5/5, As far as I can see, this app is available across both iPhone devices and Android devices.

Overall? I’d say, based upon how many awesome features this has and how it’s hard for me to give this anything but a glowing review, I rank this app overall a 5/5!

I hope this review can help you if you are deciding on an app to use for life organization as an age regressor!

Thank you so much for reading! If you got this far, have a virtual high-five! 

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Thank you again for reading! I’d like to dedicate this paragraph to reminding you how AWESOME you are! It’s important to me that each and every person reading this (yes, YOU) are aware of how awesome you are and how I’d like to ensure that you love yourself for who you are and all you’ve become up to this point!

With all that being said, have a great day, stay awesome, remember to love yourself, and I’ll see you in my next post, video, or whatever comes next!