July Goals Follow-Up! How did I do??? - July MOON Mission Report - 2021

Ciao lovelies!!! This is a little late, but I was out-of-state and ventured out of my own time zone for the first time at the end of July, so I wasn’t able to write up my conclusions for July’s goals! I filmed a video prior to my trip, and so if you prefer that form of media, I will be adding that video to the end of this post. This is just the written version of that!

So let’s chat- how did I do with my July goals? In this first section, I’ll be simply discussing if I “Passed” these goals or “Failed” them this past month. I’ll also have a conclusions section which I’ll use to talk about my concluding thoughts about how these goals affected my month and thoughts regarding the MOON mission process. I’ll dive in to my “pass or fail” section now!




I’m going to discuss these in order from the mission image!

My first goal was “dress up more often.” I really put a lot of effort into this one. From my phone’s camera roll, I counted 12 days that I got dressed up this month. Knowing that, I definitely dressed up more in July than in June. I took selfies to document almost every outfit from my “Dress up days.” Here are some of my looks!

You can also see these in the video at the end!

So for July’s Goal #1:

So now, let’s move to July’s second goal…. Which was “do more creative projects.” I 100% succeeded on this. I did traditional art like sketches and drawing, I did crafting like bracelets making and other crafts, and I did a lot of journaling. There is a slideshow in the video at the end that shows these, and I also have a collage for you all:

I ended up averaging about 3 creative/art projects per week! 

So for July’s Goal #2:

Onto July’s third goal…..This goal was “drink more water and eat more fruit.” I didn’t really pass or fail this, more like in the middle. On one hand, I managed to change my habits to consume 1 liter of water per day, which I know does not sound like much, but as a chronically dehydrated person, this was super helpful for me. As for the fruit consumption- I think I had fresh strawberries once this past month, and the rest of the fruit was in the form of mango juice ^-^’

So for July’s Goal #3:

Now for my fourth goal in July…. Which was “go on at least one adventure.” Well, I really underestimated myself in that! I went on a BUNCH of adventures. I went on a fun excursion with the company that I work for, and we decided that, for our mid-year event, we went on a sailboat river cruise one evening. I am not usually one for boats, but it was very very fun. I also went on other adventures, like an afternoon adventure to a huge local thrift store with my besties, and I went on a Snallygaster hunt at a local convention called Fanta-Sci (more on that later!). I also went on an adventure to Ollies, a store that I had never been to before. And finally, I went on an extra-special trip that I didn’t mention in the video- I went outside of my own time-zone for the first time EVER: I went to Las Vegas! Don’t worry, I am vaccinated and traveled safely, wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. I traveled there with my moms for a special event…..my nephew’s 5th birthday!!! I hadn’t seen him in person since he was an infant. I missed him so much. He was just as cute as I remember. 

So for July’s goal #4:

And finally for my pass or fail on July’s fifth and final goal?

FAILED, I admit it 100%.... The fifth goal for July was “2 blog posts and 3 youtube videos.” I didn’t end up releasing any more blog posts for July, and I only released 2 youtube videos. I have thoughts on how to improve so that I can succeed in goals like this in the future. 

So for July’s goal #5:

It’s now time to move into part 2 of this post, where I’ll be sharing my conclusions about July and the goals, what I learned, and thoughts going forward. 



For my conclusions, I think it’s best to start with my ideas for improving this process, and then end on a positive note with what I learned from doing these goals. I like to end on positivity, to make things uplifting. 

In terms of improvements, I had a lot of ideas. To start, I thought it would be very helpful to refer to the SMART goal making system when creating my monthly MOON missions. SMART is an acronym which in this case, stands for “Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely” in relation to goals. I feel like using SMART goals for a reference will help me make better goals that can be more accurately and easily achieved. 

I also thought that it would be helpful to work on my time-management, possibly by setting deadlines or developing schedules to complete goals with.

And now, let’s jump into the positives, AKA what I learned this month from my goals...

The first thing I noticed was how the adventure goal made my whole month more fun! I started seeing lots of seemingly mundane things as adventures and kept my eye out for opportunities. That made me have a much better month. 

Another thing I noticed was that the creativity goal helped with my artblock, as well as burnout. It was nice to be able to unleash my creativity in a way that I didn’t feel perfectionist about. I have a bad habit of over-analyzing my creative works until I end up hating them, so it was nice to create just to create, instead of trying to make perfect things.

I also noticed that the dress-up goal helped me feel more confident. Taking the intentional time for myself in that way felt really special.  I used to make myself dress nice daily, even on days when I felt really emotionally low. And doing that back then, made me at least feel like even if every other thing went wrong that day, at least I had made a conscious effort to make that part of my day pleasant for myself. It was like a small act of kindness from past me to future me. I’d even lay out clothes the night before as part of that. So doing this sort of thing again feels really nice!



Overall, I liked this process a lot, both for nostalgia reasons, and self-improvement reasons. I think this process can, should, and will be improved going forward. This process helped me also get “called out” in a positive, constructive way; because of this process, I learned that I tend to overestimate what I currently am up to accomplishing, and that maybe aiming low and surprising myself in future MOON missions will help me determine my abilities going forward. Food for thought, essentially. 

Thank you so much for reading! Now I wanna know your thoughts! 

Did you have specific goals for July? How did you do? 

Please note this important message first: 

Remember that even if you feel that you may have “failed” your goal(s), every time we don’t reach a goal we learn more about the process of achievement, and gain a wonderful learning experience. Also remember that, if you passed your goal(s), that is also helpful to set metrics for future personal goals and challenges. Lastly, if you’re like me and you passed some and failed some, that is also eye-opening in it’s own unique ways and can help show us important things about ourselves. 

Goals aren’t just made to be “passed” or “failed.” When you make a goal, it’s purpose is to help you grow, and learn. 

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I’ll see you in my next post!