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Ciao lovelies! A while ago I got the idea that I wanted to do some small business reviews. I thought that I’d like to spend some money where I know it’s going to a small business rather than a large corporation. And I also thought, hey, I have a lil platform on this blog, so I should use that to promote these small businesses that I think others would like to know about too! Today is the first of these reviews! In this review, I will be reviewing passiveshop on Etsy!

(as of right now, 7/20/2020, the shop is on break, but the message says that they are working on things for the shop and should be back with more soon!)

DISCLAIMER: This post is NOT sponsored, nor affiliated with passiveshop or Etsy at the time of writing this post, 7/20/2020! All opinions and comments shared here about this shop are 100% honest and my own.

I discovered passiveshop when seeking out kawaii stationary grab bags on Etsy! I love getting mystery-type packages, and I love cute stationary pieces for my journal or to send to my bestie in letters. So I was seeking out specifically a mystery style package of cute stationary items!

I saw a lot of different types of these sort of packages on Etsy, that were higher priced (like $25+), or themed specifically, or included different things I wasn’t looking for. But when I saw the “stationary grab bag” listing on passiveshop, it was totally a match for me!

I ordered a large grab bag, which included a bunch of stickers, washi tape samples, memo sheets, letter papers, and craft/scrapbook paper, and even some envelopes!

When ordering this grab bag, I specified my name, and my likes. I mentioned that I liked animal and food themed items, and this shop owner definitely took that into consideration when putting together my package!

Here is what the grab bag looked like when first pulled out of the envelope:

Right out of the envelope!

The shop owner also included a business card addressed to me with a 10% off code! I thought that was really sweet.

Here is everything I got inside this package:


Washi Tape Samples!

Cute lil eraser!

Memo sheets and sticky notes!

Memo sheets and sticky notes (shown spread out)

Letter Paper

Craft Papers 1!

Memo sheets! 

Craft papers 2!


As you can see, they really went along with the two themes (animals and food) that I mentioned! They also included some pieces that I really like! I can’t wait to incorporate these items into my journaling šŸ˜Š.

As for shipping, it was quite fast. I ordered these items only 5 days ago, and they arrived today. The shop owner even took care to write “do not bend” on the envelope so that the items would not be damaged! I thought that showed great consideration.

Another big plus for me was the way everything was packaged. I love the detail of using the yarn/string to tie the items together. That was super cute. And the stickers were put in a little clear pouch as well! The way they packed the envelope full of the stationary showed that they put a lot of care and consideration into what they were doing. They really care about the customer experience.


-          Every single item was completely adorable, and I could see myself using each item included in the package.

-          The way that the items were packed up was very thoughtful and kind.

-          I loved the personalization. They really took my theme mentions into consideration when putting together the grab bag.

-          I also loved that they asked my preferred name, not only for the shipping of course but also they asked specifically for my first name so they could address the business card to me. That made me feel very special and it really personalized the experience for me.

-          The cost was not bad. The grab bag itself was $8.50, which may seem high for some, but really I feel you’re paying for the surprise experience, which I had a blast with. The shipping was $4.00, which I feel was reasonable given that the envelope was decorated, had a unique “thank you” sticker on the front, and was stiff, they didn’t just use a normal envelope but rather one that would be hard to bend, to ensure that the items would stay safe.


-          If surprise boxes are not your thing, this would obviously not be your thing. As mentioned earlier, this is more of a “paying for an experience” type of thing, but also you get cute and cool new stationary to keep. If you’re not into surprises, they had a few sets listed when I was ordering my grab bag, that were not surprise but instead told you everything that was included. That might be more your style if you don’t like surprises.

Overall, I would give passiveshop a 5/5!

I loved the products, the presentation of the packaging, the care put into the service, and the overall experience was a blast! I would definitely buy from this shop again. Keep an eye on this shop (and their Instagram) to see when they come back from break! I highly recommend them if you like cute stationary and surprises!

*CALLING ALL BUSINESS OWNERS!* Do you have a kawaii, Agere, or fun themed shop that you’d like some publicity for? Looking for a 100% honest reviewer of your shop/products? Please reach out via OFT’s official email ( ) and we can chat! I’d love to help small businesses get the love and attention they deserve! Don’t be afraid to reach out! *All reviews done this way would still be 100% honest and my own opinions/comments. I would disclose any and all affiliations/sponsorship to my audience in order to keep things 100% transparent.*

*TO MY AUDIENCE!* What do you all think of this type of review? Did you like hearing about a small business review instead of reviewing a corporation’s products? Please let me know what you think of this type of review in the comments!

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  1. Wow, they gave so much! I will definitely order from there when the store opens again.
    I love the idea of small business reviews! I think it's a great way to give back to the community and a lot of times smaller businesses are more personalized/more interesting to read about.

    ~Lady Nicole


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