Princess Crayons Review - Melissa & Doug

Ciao lovelies! Today I'm doing a full review of the Melissa & Doug Princess Crayon Set! 

DISCLAIMER: This review is not sponsored and myself and OFT are NOT sponsored NOR affiliated with any brand, product, or service mentioned in this review. All Opinions are entirely my own. 

I bought this crayon set from Amazon's site for $3.99, you can watch my "Agere Amazon Haul" below:

The product on the site mentions "12 non-roll crayons" that were triangular shaped, & easy and comfortable to hold. The colors included are not mentioned but we can see in the product image:

That this set contains two shades of purple, three shades of pink, two shades of red, one yellow, one gold, one silver, and two shades of blue. 

When I got these crayons I did a quick swatch test:

These results are from applying moderate pressure when coloring with the crayons. 

I also tested the layering ability:

As you can see on the blue spots, the layering does end up coming out splotchy and not very smooth. 

I did also end up breaking one of the crayons on it's 2nd use, and I was again applying moderate pressure while coloring. 


-Cute carrying case
-I do like the triangle shape of these crayons because it does prevent rolling
-If you want a more pastel look, these do a great job of that
-Includes gold and silver, which most base crayons (to my knowledge) do not


-Moderate-high price point compared to Crayola (which is $1.39 for a 24 pack as of 5/14/2020)
-Not as durable as the triangle shape would suggest
-Very light pigmentation

My rating:

I would give this product a 3/5 stars because the pros only outweigh the cons by 1 pro, and also because of the price point. But I do like the carrying case!

Have you bought anything fun on Amazon recently? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Something about the triangular shape makes them seem superrrr satisfying to hold. I'm sorry to hear that the pigmentation wasn't that great.

    ~Lady Nicole

    1. They are very nice to hold! And the texture while coloring is nice. While it is a little bit of a shame about the pigment, it does make for some nice pastels! :) Thanks for reading and commenting! ^-^


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