Secret Codes, Ciphers, and More! – OFT Royals Lesson

Ciao Royals! Today I wanted to make a more in-depth, updated version of our “Writing in Code” Royals Lesson from 2018! While that lesson was…okay… I wanted to update it with Historical Context, more complex codes/ciphers, etc!

Let’s begin by discussing the basics!

What is a Secret Code?

A secret code is a way of communicating that is hidden from others by means of using different letters, numbers, and symbols. This can also be called a Cipher. There are many different types of codes, and they can be formed by many different methods, and have many different uses.

What Uses do Royals have for Secret Codes?

Historically, many Royals used Secret Codes for many different purposes. In times of War, secret codes were used to send messages to generals that would not be intercepted by the enemy. In other times, Royals could use secret codes to communicate with lovers, friends, and other important Dignitaries.

Historical Figures who Used Secret Codes?

It is actually been discovered that Marie Antoinette used secret codes to correspond with not only her alleged lover, but she also used codes to communicate to the outside world while locked in prison before her execution. Scholars have said that her use of code was so complex, that it proved her to be a person of high intelligence.

How to Form a Secret Code?

Forming a secret code can be as simple, or as complex, as you can imagine. But I will provide a few basic codes for you to try out!

Basic Codes:

A few simple codes are as follows.

The Basic Number-Match Code:

The Backwards Number-Match Code:

The “Slide” code:

This code can be adjusted by “sliding” the coded alphabet as many places as you want. For the sake of this example, I only slid the coded alphabet by one letter.

Of course, you can also use symbols for codes, it does not have to be just numbers or letters.

What can a Modern Royal do with a Secret Code?

Modern Royals have all sorts of uses for secret codes! You can write journal entries in secret codes, letters to friends, you can even use secret codes to set up fun puzzles for loved ones!


While Secret Codes were used in the past by Royals of all kinds, they’re far from out-dated. Sure, perhaps a modern royal does not have to hide correspondences, or launch secret battles, but it can be a lot of fun to write in code! Try out writing in code for yourself!

PS: As a fun challenge, write me a comment in code and I will see if I can decipher it!

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Thanks again for reading, remember to stay awesome, love yourself, and I'll see you in our next post!


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