DIY Stuffie Birthday Party! 3 DIY Projects!

Ciao lovelies! Do you have a stuffie birthday coming up, and want to throw a party for your special stuffed animal friend? But oh no! Do you not have any supplies for a party? Fear not! Today I'm going to share 3 DIY projects that you can make for your stuffie friend for their birthday party!

Let's begin by talking about what you'll need for all three projects:

What You'll Need:

-Stuffies as party guests, the Birthday stuffie, and for size reference!
-Bottle caps
-Cardstock in whatever colors you like, or you can use construction paper or even recycled paper
-Hot glue (not pictured)
-Double sided tape (not pictured) OR glue sticks
-a pencil or something to draw with
-OPTIONAL: kawaii food charms (not pictured).

How do you make each DIY? 

Let's begin with....

#1: DIY Stuffie Food: Ice Cream Sundaes / Cupcakes!

Alright, I'll be honest, after I finished making these I had no idea if I wanted them to be cupcakes or Ice Cream Sundaes. But they look cute regardless!

Step One and Only One: Hot glue Pom Poms into a bottle cap. For smaller Pom Poms I glued 3 into the bottle cap and one on top. For larger ones I only used one Pom Pom glued into the bottle cap. Now use glue and embellish however you want! I used little kawaii resin food charms to add cuteness to mine, but you could use confetti as "sprinkles", you could use puffy paint as "icing," etc!

And You're Done!

Here are how mine look:

These are super easy to make and look adorable!!

So now that your party has some food, it will need some decor. Let's make....

#2: DIY Pennant Banner

This banner looks adorable at any party!

Step One: Use a pencil to draw triangles on your choice of color of cardstock, construction paper, or recycled paper.

Step Two: Cut out the triangles and trim if needed to make them all even.

Step Three: Hot glue, or use a glue stick to attach them to a piece of ribbon!

And you're done!

Another easy to make yet adorable craft!

Lastly, we will need some party accessories for our stuffies!

Let's make....

#3: DIY Stuffie Party Hats

Step One: Use a round object to draw a circle on cardstock (or construction paper). Cut out the circle.

Step Two: Cut the circle about in half. 

Step Three: Fold it into a cone, and use double sided tape to secure it (or glue!). Glue a Pom Pom to the top!

And you're done!

Now it's time to put it all together and throw a stuffie birthday party!

It's close to my Build a Bear yellow bear stuffie named Kiro's birthday, so I decided to throw this party for him!

Happy Birthday, Kiro!

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  1. This was really fun to do with my stuffies. Thanks for the idea!

    1. I'm glad you had fun with it!! Thank you for reading :)

  2. When im little I will make sure to do this!


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