How to Make DIY Crinkle Plush Toy / DIY Stim Toy

Ciao lovelies! As I promised in my last post, I was working on making NEW Agere DIY’s for you all! So, the other day I was looking through my craft supplies, when I had an idea! I could make a tutorial on how to make DIY crinkle toys! This tutorial is fairly simple and fast- provided that you know how to sew. Though, you could hot-glue the parts where I sew. That much is up to you!

Here is what you need to make a DIY Crinkle Toy:

-          Felt in your choice of color
-          Sewing supplies (needle and thread)
-          Plastic shopping bags or stuffing
-          Crinkly plastic from old packaging
-          A pencil or chalk to draw the outline
-          Scissors

Here is how you make this DIY Crinkle Toy! 


First, draw the shape you want on the felt, and cut out two. I chose a heart because it’s fairly simple, but you could make this more complex if you wanted to.

 Next, sew together the two pieces, leaving a small gap open where you can put in the “stuffing.”

To finish this project, fill the toy with the stuffing of your choice (I used old plastic shopping bags). Then cut a piece of your crinkly plastic and place it inside the toy, against the felt. Then sew up your gap and that’s it!

This DIY is so super simple, but it makes for a great little project! You can even make a bunch of these for you and your friends!

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