Hello 2020!

Ciao lovelies! This morning we are welcoming in a new decade! I love New Years, because even though every day can be a fresh New start, New Years just feels like even more of an opportunity to start new! Plus we get to make New Year’s Resolutions, set goals, and develop hopes and dreams for the New Year- and now the New Decade! Today I’ll be sharing my goals, hopes, etc- not only OFT related, but other aspects of my life as well!

Let’s start with OFT related goals and move into my personal life stuff after that.

OFT’s Goals for 2020

These are listed in no particular order.

1. Sell more merch to be able to pay for URL costs through OFT generated revenue. Currently I pay for everything for OFT, becuase our Merch sales through Redbubble generate less than $2 a year. ^-^’ Most of the operating cost of OFT comes from out-of-pocket expense for me. Including renewing our URL every year. Something I’d love to see is OFT’s merch sales grow to a point where I could cover URL costs for 2021. So I’d only need to generate $12 in sales revenue. But that’s a pretty hefty goal considering I think we make 10 cents or less on each sticker sale. Maybe with my new crafting tools I can make custom OFT merch to sell at conventions..? I’ll have to put a lot of work in to reach this goal, but it would be awesome to see it happen.

2. Reach 200 YouTube Subscribers. This sounds like a big goal, but we’re already at 153 (as of 12/27/19), and we gained like 80 of those just in the last few months. I can definitely see us getting 200 subscribers before 2021, at least, that’s the goal.

3.Get our Bloglovin subscribers to 100. This is a little more challenging since, despite having the plugin displayed on the blog, I don’t think many of our readers know we have a page on Bloglovin, or I don’t think many of our readers use it. But I’d still love to see it happen.

4.Have another themed month. I loved having Sustainability Month last year in April, so I wouldn’t mind theme-ing another month, or even doing that month again. Plus if we did Sustainability Month again, I have the perfect guest poster I’d like to ask. I’ll have to think more about what month or months I’d want to theme, and how.

5. Release more DIY, and Age Regression posts. These are some of our post popular post categories, and so I know that it’s only right to give the people what they want. (Haha, I sound like Cleo DeNile from Monster High). Plus I know that it would make you all happy and it makes me happy to make these kinds of posts, so I wouldn’t mind making more. I’ve wanted to, but didn’t have any ideas, so hopefully I can overcome some of my writers block in the new year.

6. Release more YouTube videos more consistently and better quality. This is a tall order for me, someone about to graduate college and get a full time job. But I really want to push myself to work on our YouTube Channel because I’d love to see it improve.

Ok, so those are OFT’s goals, but what are my goals?

My Goals for 2020

1. Work on Positive thinking and Keeping a Grateful heart. I want to make sure that I always know that I am in a place of privilege and acknowledge where I stand to make sure that I never get spoiled or rude. I also want to try to work on being positive when normally I’d be pessimistic.

2. Find a full time job after college. This is a HUGE necessity for me for 2020. I need to be able to pay back student loans.

3. Work on being more Organized. I have issues with organization and messiness, so I’d like to work on this in 2020.

I have shared a lot less goals than OFT, because many of my goals this year are very personal and I don’t want to share them.

What are some of your goals this year, if you feel comfortable sharing?

Happy New Year, and Happy New Decade!


  1. Happy belated New Year! These are really great goals! Sounds like you have a big year ahead of you with graduating college. I am really excited for you, I'm sure it's going to be an awesome year :)
    My goals:
    1. Be more consistent with blogging. Sometimes I have good posting months and other months I don't post at all. But blogging/writing is one of my passions in my life so I really want to be more consistent with it.
    2. Finish all of Jane Austen's novels (shouldn't be difficult as I have only 2 more left) and then join my local chapter of JASNA
    3. Read 50 books. Last year I made an effort to stop mindlessly scrolling through social media and read books instead, and I read a total of 41 books! I think I can definitely read 50 this year if I commit to it.
    4. Attend a meetup at my local lolita community. I haven't gone to any meetups since I moved here, which was a year and a half ago.

    ~Lady Nicole

    1. Those goals sound wonderful! I completely understand the blogging thing, I have times like that too, it can be so difficult to keep up with a blog, but I believe in you! You can definitely achieve your goals! :)

      Also what is JASNA?

      Happy New Year!

      - Lunaria L Moon

  2. JASNA = The Jane Austen Society of North America. It's like a fan club for Jane Austen. (Yeah, I'm a nerd) Thank you for the encouraging words!


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