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Ciao lovelies! Shortly after Christmas, I decided to treat myself to a haul of some clearance toys! I found a NumNoms Snackable, two different SmooshyMushys, and two 2-Packs of Hatchimals! I was going to make a video opening these toys and reviewing them that way, but then I remembered the whole “Child-Directed-Content” stuff going down on YouTube and decided against making a video. So instead, here’s a blog post! In this post I’ll show each toy in its packaging and what I got in each blindbox, as well as reviewing each toy!

NumNoms Snackables Slime Kit

Let’s start by opening the NumNoms Snackables Slime Kit. Here is what the packaging looked like:

Here is what I got inside:

Inside this packaging I got a plastic egg that can be opened, a rubbery feeling bacon toy that smells like maple bacon, a plastic bowl for the egg, yellow glittery slime, and two “yolk” toys.

The egg character was named “Sweetie Scramble,” according to the collector’s guide. The bacon character was named “Salty Sizzle,” and the collectors guide confirmed that yes, she does smell like maple. The two yolk characters I got were “Yuri Yolk” and “Yolanda Yolk.”


I like many things about this toy. I like that the egg is able to open to appear like it’s been “cracked,” that’s a really cute detail. I wanted to take some pictures with the slime “egg whites” and the “yolks,” but you’ll see why I didn’t in the dislikes section.

I also like that the egg toy is pearlescent- heck I love the whole design of this egg. It’s egg-cellent. (haha, okay I’ll stop with the egg puns.) But seriously, it’s so cute!

I also like the rubbery texture of the bacon toy, it’s almost a stim. And the maple scent was very pleasant too.

Another big plus for me was the little bowl. The egg sits perfectly in it and it could be used for other toy photography setups too.


One of my problems with this toy is the original price, I got mine on sale for $5, but it’s originally $9 in stores. That feels a little steep to me.

My other problem, which was a HUGE problem for me, was the slime. It was GROSS, and I’m someone who usually likes slime. Slime can be a good stim for me and I like most textures of it. But this “egg whites” slime had the WORST texture I’ve ever felt- wet and liquidy, definitely avoid if you are a person with texture based sensory issues. Like I get what they were going for with the “egg whites” idea, but it’s disgusting. Points only for authenticity- I guess?


I’d give this toy a 4/5. While the original price is too high and the egg white slime is gross and gimmicky, I still like the reusable plastic toys that are included quite a bit.

SmooshyMushy (Series 4 Creamy Dreamy and Series 5 Sugar Fix)

Next let’s look at some SmooshyMushy toys. Let’s start with Creamy Dreamy. Here is what the packaging looked like:

And here is what I got for SmooshyMushy Series 4 Creamy Dreamy:

Here is the packaging for SmooshyMushy Series 5 Sugar Fix:

And here is what I got:

For each blindbox I got: plastic reusable packaging, a large squishy toy shaped like an animal with some form of food on it’s head, a smaller squishy “bestie,” two keychains, a sticker, and a reusable plastic smaller version of the packaging.

For Creamy Dreamy, I got Ava Artic Fox for the larger squishy and Starla Strawberry Crème for the bestie.

For Sugar Fix, I got Bitsy Bunny for the larger Squishy and Tiffy Taffy for the small bestie.


I like the texture of Ava Artic Fox, her foam is very dense and slow rise, so she’s very nice to squish. I also like the cool liquid effect inside the package for Creamy Dreamy.

Another big like of mine is the packaging for Sugar Fix. The gumball machine idea is adorable!

I also love that SmooshyMushys come with a smaller version of the packaging, I can reuse this for doll photography!


I dislike the original price point of SmooshyMushys as well. In stores near me, SmooshyMushys single blindbox original price is $10. That’s a LOT for a mid-size squishy and a small squishy. Especially when they don’t always get the texture right.

I also came across a defect in my Creamy Dreamy one, the bestie was squished on one side of her face and couldn’t be unsquished. I think she might’ve gotten stuck in the packaging or something. I’m hoping that it de-squishes if I leave her out, but so far it hasn’t, and it’s been a few days.


I’d happily give SmooshyMushys a 4/5, I like these designs and I love the squish of some, but the texture is just wrong in others.

HATCHIMALS: The Royal Snow Ball 2 pack and The Royal Hatch 2 pack

Lastly, let’s check out some Hatchimals! Specifically the “Royal Snow Ball” two Pack and the “Royal Hatch” two pack.

Here is what the packaging of the Hatchimals 2 packs looked like:

Here is what the eggs of the Royal Snow Ball 2 pack looked like:

Here is what I got inside each egg plus a Throne that comes with the set:

Here is what the eggs of the Royal Hatch 2 pack looked like:

Here is what I got inside each egg plus a Throne that comes with the set:

I wish I could tell you the names of the ones I got in the sets but the collectors guides just said “coming soon!” on the back and gave no info…


I like the overall experience of opening Hatchimals. If you didn’t know, the eggs are made of a thin material that breaks (“hatches”) when you provide enough friction against it’s surface. Inside the egg is a little pet.

I also like the designs of the Hatchimals from these sets. My favorites are the little pink lamb and the crown-wearing MerBear.

I also like the designs on the eggs, they’re almost too pretty to break!


I don’t have anything to say, I really love Hatchimals and think these are so cute. I only wish that the collector’s guides had more info, but that isn’t a deterrent from wanting more of these adorable little toys!


Overall I’d give Hatchimals a 5/5!


What do you think of this format for blindbox toy reviews? Are you OK with them all being in one long post, or would you prefer each toy to have it’s own post? Let me know in the comments! Also be sure to let me know what your favorite one was!

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  1. I'm morbidly curious about the texture of the eggy slime >_>

    Anyway, I think that because these are such small toys it makes sense to condense them into one post. And I think I like the Hatchimals the best. They remind me of Littlest Pet Shop!

    1. Oh, now that you mention it, they do remind me of Littlest Pet Shop! The Hatchimals are mostly smaller than old school Littlest Pet Shop, but they do have a super similar concept!

      Thank you for reading!


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