We are BACK! + Blog & Channel Updates & More.....

Ciao lovelies! Wow, I’ve missed saying that. OFT is back! We were on Hiatus because of my finals and senior thesis. But now that’s all behind me! All 20 pages of my paper and 10-12 minutes of nerve wracking presentation....It’s done! I’m so happy. So I thought I’d use this post as an updates post!

I have lots of updates and musings to share in regards to OFT, my personal blog, OFT’s YouTube, etc… And I’d love to hear your thoughts!

You can share your thoughts in the comments! If you want to send along your thoughts anonymously, there is an anonymous feature on comments. Though do note that comments are on moderation, so I do ensure that only constructive criticism and positive vibes come through. I want to keep OFT a positive space. Oh, and if you have longer thoughts that you’d rather not send through comment, you can send your thoughts to onlyfunthingsblog@yahoo.com

So let’s get into all the updates and such!

In regards to OFT, I have some musings… Before the hiatus I posted some Quaintrelle content here, which seemed to be received somewhat well. But I do miss posting informational articles about other things too. I want to try to post some DIY’s over Winter Break, maybe some recipes and reviews as well. Would it be okay to mix the Quaintrelle content with other types of content? Let me know what you think in the comments. Maybe I can find a way to put a Quaintrelle spin on the DIY’s and Recipes?

Another big idea I had was that I might post my photoshoots here as well, if that’s okay. So far (recently, as in 2019) I’ve only been posting them to my personal blog. I would include a reflection writing with the photos, as well as an outfit rundown, and maybe even something else fun to read. So the photoshoot posts wouldn’t just be a photoshoot, if I can manage that. Would that be okay? Please let me know your thoughts.

Now for musings and updates regarding OFT’s YouTube channel…

If you follow our YouTube Channel, you might’ve seen that I privated a lot of the videos. This is because I still am not 100% clear on what IS and IS NOT ok because of the recent ruling in the case of the FTC vs Google and the updates to COPPA rules…

So to avoid a $42,000 fine per video, I took a lot of our videos down and only left up vlogs for now. If I can find out somehow what is and is not acceptable on the channel I’ll be sure to re-public videos on a case by case basis. As well as upload new ones.

The main message of this post is that OFT is back! Though we will not be on any sort of posting schedule until I figure out when I can post and also have a bank of posts scheduled out for a few weeks. At the very least I’d like to post once a week if not more.

Thanks for reading, lovelies! :)


  1. Glad to see youre back, and congrats on finishing everything ^_^

    Personally I enjoyed OFT's previous content as well, so I wouldn't mind a mix. I think having quaintrelle type DIYs would be interesting and opens a lot of possibilities. And I certainly don't mind the occasional photoshoot as well. I personally don't care for blogs that are ONLY outfit shots but it doesn't sound like that's what you're going for anyway. I think it'd be fun to have an occasional OOTD post with description like you said. I've been thinking about doing something similar on my blog as well ^^

    Regarding COPPA, is being fined really a possibility? My understanding is that if a creators videos are marked as "for kids", then the worst that happens is they lose the right to targeted ads and their videos are unlisted. That's still pretty bad though and I understand why you'd want to private the videos. But I think if anyone gets fined it would have to be YouTube since they're the ones using children's information for profit, not the content creators. (Although there are definitely some predatory channels that have taken advantage of youtubes algorithm to rake in views from little kids, like those creepy finger puppet videos)

    Anyway, I am looking forward to your future posts!

    ~Lady Nicole

    1. I think if I marked the content for kids, from what I understand, the content gets comments removed, notifications turned off, etc. If I choose to not mark content "For kids" and the FTC thinks it is in fact "for kids" I believe they can fine the creator, as during a press release regarding this situation, they referred to creators as "fish in a barrel" and made it clear that they were willing to fine creators as well. It certainly seems unfair as YouTube was the ones collecting children's data, but it's the way things seem to have fallen there? It's super confusing right now and I really can't wait for things to be more clear.

      Thank you for your helpful feedback! I will definitely be taking it into consideration moving forward.

      Have a great day!

      Warm Regards,
      Lunaria L Moon

  2. Oh wow, I had no idea they said they would fine creators too. Thank you for clarifying. The whole situation is quite a mess, hopefully things will get cleared up soon.

    ~Lady Nicole


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