The Code That Saved My Life

Ciao lovelies! What does a “life code” mean to you? What about a “life motto” or “life philosophy”? To me, these terms are all fancy ways to talk about the ideas that guide our lives. Not everyone has a written-out life philosophy, or motto, or code, but everyone has some basis on which they live their lives. Today, I want to talk about a code that changed my life when I was younger, and is changing my life again now- Princess Skye’s “Princess Code”.

When I was in High-School, I was struggling with a lot, internal and external. I felt hopeless a lot, and I often wondered what the meaning of life even was. For a while, I thought life was rooted in suffering. I was very unhappy and cynical.

Then I discovered the world of Princesses. I knew about princesses before, always in the context of fairytales and fake dreams. But I wanted to be a real princess, to be happy and spread happiness to others. This is when I discovered two things:

1.       I discovered Princess Skye’s Princess Code and,
2.       I discovered the term “Epicureanism”.

How do these things equate in the slightest? To explain this, I must give you my definition of Epicureanism, and what it’s based in.

Being Epicurean to me is rooted in happiness and life’s joys. The life philosophy for me means that humanity was not intended to suffer, but to enjoy life. That’s why things like music, art and beauty exist, at least, that’s what I think. My base definition for this philosophy is “Do what makes you happy and do no harm in the process.”

For me, what makes me happy is cute things, elegant things, fun things….I could go on forever. I enjoy life’s natural beauties, but also life’s material beauties.

I found Princess Skye’s Princess Code to be the most perfect life code for someone like me. For those who aren’t familiar with the code, to summarize, it provides a base code for Princesses to follow. Most points within the code are rooted in the idea of being kind, graceful, and enjoying life. For me, it aligns perfectly with my Epicurean definition.

I said earlier that this is “a code that changed my life when I was younger, and is changing my life again now.” What do I mean by this?

This code, and my Epicurean life ideals, gave me a new sense of purpose. A feeling that life wasn’t a hopeless, dreary nightmare, but instead, life could be a glamorous, glorious, beautiful thing. Back when I was at my lowest, the idea that I could be a princess through and through was a fantasy that I clung to like a leech. Now I feel that anyone can be a princess, anyone can be royalty, beautiful inside and out- even me.

I had lost sight of my Epicurean ideals for a while, as my college life is quite taxing and wore me down. I ended up becoming a gremlin and sort of retreated from the ideals of self-care, and beauty, and the other fabulous things I used to love. I projected ideas of self-care and such to the world but internally, I neglected myself and turned my back on life’s beauties.

Recently, though, I rediscovered my love of this life. I made myself go back and read the Princess Code again, and Princess Skye’s words struck me as beautifully as the first time I ever read them. I was entranced and pulled in again into this beautiful world. I felt renewed, refreshed, with a new lens on life itself.

Now I turn things to you, what is your life philosophy, or motto, or code? What do you live by everyday? What do you live to do?

For me, life is for enjoyment and happiness, and my purpose is to spread that joy to as many people as I can. Whether that’s through encouragement on their bad days, a smile to a stranger, or even just through this blog. I’m going to do my best, again, but this time I won’t lose myself to this world. Not even for a second.

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Stay awesome and remember to love yourself!


  1. This is a beautiful post, Lunaria.
    The Princess Code had a similar effect on me --- I remember printing it out and taping it to the inside of my locker in high school...

    1. Thank you for reading! The Princess Code is such a powerful thing. I just adore it, Princess Skye really has a way with words.


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