Lovely Heart Maid Café’s Boo Bash – Event Review

Ciao lovelies! For my last post of the spookiest month of the year, I want to share my experience with Lovely Heart Maid Café’s recent Halloween themed event, their Boo Bash!

Lovely Heart Maid Café is an event group based in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, USA. They will often partner up with local restaurants, cafes, and conventions to put on very fun events! 

Their most recent event was held at the Look Up Dessert Café in Chesapeake, VA. This event was called “Boo Bash” and was Halloween themed! They had lots of special event packages available, and even event-specific activities you could do!

I was especially excited for this event because I was taking my best friend to her first Maid Café experience. So how was the experience?

When we first walked in, as with all maid cafes, we were immediately greeted by the door and shown to a table. I was pleasantly surprised to note that Maid Mana was there! She’s one of the founding members of Lovely Heart Maid Café and has been away in Japan! I didn’t get a chance to talk with her really, but it was cool to see her in person. 

When we were seated, Maids Iris and Yuna came over to our table, and told us they would be our maids for the day! I was very happy with this, as I like to meet new maids who I’ve never really gotten to talk to before, and I hadn’t really ever gotten to talk with Iris or Yuna yet! All the maids were dressed in costume, Iris was dressed as a character from Love Live and Yuna was Sonic the Hedgehog! 

Next, I bought all of us some bubble tea! My best friend had pomegranate with peach popping pearls, I had mango with strawberry popping pearls, and my fiancé had chocolate bubble tea with strawberry popping pearls. (If you’ve never had bubble tea, I honestly do not like tapioca pearls in mine, I prefer popping pearls or fruit jelly. That’s my bubble tea recommendation of the day!). 

While we waited to get the bubble tea, we all played a game! At maid cafes, you pay to use games to play with maids or with the others at your table. At this event, games were only $1 per person which is super reasonable! We all decided to play the fishing game and it was lots of fun!

When we got our bubble tea, we did Iris’s moe spell over the tea to make it taste extra good! For those reading who have never been to a maid café before, a moe spell is when you do a little hand gesture sequence and chant over your food/drinks to make them taste super yummy!

Then we drank the bubble tea while chatting with Maid Iris about maid cafes! I had told her about how my best friend had never been to a maid café before, and Iris was super nice and answered any questions that my best friend had!  I thought it was super sweet of Iris to be so attentive to my best friend’s questions. 

Another item of food we all tried was a big slice of Milk Cake, which looked like this:

It was decorated to look super Halloweeny! It was fun because it stained all of our teeth black for a few hours, haha! It really got us into the Halloween spirit.

 Oh, and something else about maid cafés I want to explain is the writing on the plate in chocolate! Sometimes in maid cafés, when you get certain items of food, the maid bringing it to you will “draw” or “write” on it in a topping! For sweets this is usually a chocolate or sugar sauce and sometimes on omurice, they use ketchup! The maid that brought over my cake was Mochi, and she did a super cute drawing on my plate in chocolate, and we did her moe spell over the cake too! (Though quietly, because at that time, Maid Dahlia was performing “Still Doll.”)

That was the other thing I loved about this event- the live performances! I was only there to see Maids Dahlia and Mana perform, but I loved their performances so much! They had so much fun energy and the other patrons in the café seemed to love it too!

The last few things that happened for us during our stay at this event were also super fun! My best friend had her fortune told by Maid Kitsu! Kitsu did a great job interpreting the future for her! 

Last of all, we took a cheki (polaroid picture) with Iris and Yuna! 

Iris and Yuna decorated it so nicely! It looked so cute and Iris wrote a sweet message on the back! I told my best friend to keep the cheki as memory of her first maid café! I also bought her a button with their logo on it. I wanted to make sure she had the best experience ever!

As we left, Iris was kind enough to inform us of our royal duties for the rest of the day, and asked us to please return to them safely, then all the maids said goodbye as well! It was super sweet and really ended the experience well.


I adore Lovely Heart Maid Café’s events, so being able to share one with my best friend was so fun and she even said she had a great time too!

I would rate the whole experience 5/5!! It was great! Look Up Dessert Café’s milk cake and bubble tea are fantastic, the maids energy and lovely personalities was super fun and great as always, and the overall experience was just fabulous!

You should totally check out the Lovely Heart Maid Café’s events at Nekocon this weekend if you are going. I unfortunately can’t go, but if you go, say hi to the maids for me!
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  1. This looks sooo fun and cute!!! I have never been to a maid cafe either (I was fortunate enough to go to Japan a few years ago, but I was with my dad and thought going to a maid cafe would make him uncomfortable. He doesn't really understand kawaii culture lol)

    What is a Milk Cake? Is it like a tres leches cake?

    Your friend,

    1. Thanks for reading! Well I've never gotten to try proper tres leches cake before, actually, but the best way I can describe this cake was a very moist, rich cake with a light, sweet frosting. The cake itself was extremely moist and rich, and it melted in the mouth. The overall flavors of everything was vanilla. (I hope this is making sense, I just wasn't sure how else to describe it!)

      Thank you again for reading! I always look forward to your comments! :)

      -Lunaria L Moon


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