20 Fall Questions (and my Answers!)

Ciao lovelies! Do you blog, or maybe have a YouTube channel? Do you have a journal or diary? If you answered YES to any of these questions, I have another question: Do you ever run into creator’s block, where you can’t think of what to write, create, etc.? If so then check out these 20 Fall Questions! You could film yourself answering these questions for a YouTube video, you could answer like I’m about to do in Blog post format, you could even answer these questions in your journal or diary! Let’s get started!

20 Fall Questions

1.       Apple Cider or Pumpkin Spice?

I personally prefer Pumpkin anything! I love pumpkin flavor. It’s so warm and nice.

2.       What’s your favorite Fall activity?

I love to do Fall photography! Here’s an example of a fun doll photo I got recently:

3.       What is your Halloween Costume this year?

I am going to be a Bat! I have the wings and ears and I’m wearing a bat patterned skirt and black blouse.

4.       Which do you prefer, Halloween or Thanksgiving?

I like both, I love Halloween most, but I do like both. Halloween is fabulous because of the costumes and spooky vibes, but Thanksgiving is cool because we get to take time to appreciate things we might take for granted.

5.       Do you like the cold weather?

I DON’T like the extreme cold (like Winter). I like the chilliness of Fall, but hate when it gets to be too cold, because it makes my joints hurt.

6.       Do you have any Fall traditions?

I do not really have any specific Fall traditions, maybe my Fiancé and I can make our own Fall traditions when we get married and move in together.

7.       What’s your favorite Fall movie?

I LOVE Coraline. It’s so amazing, the animation is beautiful, the story is chilling and I’ve loved it since I was a kid.

8.       What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

I prefer Sour Patch Kids! (Or really any sour gummy candy).

9.       Do you believe in the supernatural?

I do! I’ve had a few unexplainable experiences that I would say made me heavily believe in the paranormal/supernatural.

10.   What’s your favorite urban legend?

I like the urban legend of the Mothman! It’s so interesting and really piques my interest.

11.   Do you carve pumpkins on Halloween?

I have carved pumpkins for most every Halloween since I was a kid. This year I won’t be able to because I’m in college and away from everyone, but it’s okay.

12.   If you could have any familiar (a witch’s pet), what animal would yours be?

I would want a Cat familiar! Cats are so smart and super cool.

13.   What’s your favorite Halloween or spooky song?

I like the “Spooky Scary Skeletons” remix by The Living Tombstone.

14.   What’s your favorite thing about Fall?

I love the natural beauty of it all. The pretty leaves changing color and the slight chill in the air is amazing.

15.   What’s one thing you wish to do this Fall?

I wish I could make more Fall DIY’s but I don’t have easy access to supplies.

16.   Many people view Fall as the beginning of School. Are you still in school? Do you look forward to Back to School time?

I am in school, (senior year of college), and I looked forward to back to school every year.

17.   September also marks the beginning of the Hogwarts school year. What Hogwarts house are you? Do you think it matches you?

I am a Slytherin, which surprises some people, but I think it fits me. I am indeed very ambitious.

18.   Do you like Pie? What’s your favorite type?

I don’t actually like Pie that much. But I like Pumpkin Pie!

19.   What’s an essential part of your Fall season?

Celebrating Halloween is essential to me!

20.   Do you change any routines for Fall?

I do have to change my routines to incorporate going back to school.

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