How I Get Motivated! + Motivational Playlist

Ciao lovelies! As school is starting for me, I wanted to write this post about how to get motivated, specifically how I get motivated, so that it might help some of you who struggle with motivation issues. I have several different tips to give as well as a playlist that I’ve crafted for my Motivation needs! I hope this post will be helpful to someone!

DISCLAIMER: These tips are what I personally use to make myself motivated and may not work for everyone. Everyone is different when it comes to motivation, so be sure to figure out what works for you!


#1- Dress for it!

 Sometimes if I’m feeling unmotivated, dressing up in professional clothes can help me feel not only more motivated but also more confident. Something as simple as putting up my hair into a ponytail can trigger my brain into work mode. But sometimes it requires something extra, like wearing a full professional outfit. I recently got some new professional clothes for job interviews and presentations (Thanks Dad!), and so I will now be wearing one of my suits for times of low confidence/motivation.

#2- Set the Scent! 

I use essential oils to help get me in the right mindset. My favorite is “Clarity” by the brand Young Living, gifted to me by my aunt. It really helps me get into that mindset for working. But if you can’t access this scent in particular, Citrus and Mint scents work great! Lemon mixed with Peppermint would be super effective. So would Orange and Mint. Mint scents work great for alertness and citrus are great mood boosters.

#3- Set reasonable goals that get you excited to work. 

If you aren’t excited about it, it can be harder to want to work. You have to want it. If you can’t get motivated to do your homework, get excited about getting good grades, to motivate you to do it.

#4- Location is key. 

Sometimes it’s just not possible to stay motivated working in the same space you always do. If you have access to a different space, use it. Spaces like Libraries would work best for this purpose. If you don’t have access to a different space, rearrange the space you have.

#5 -Blast a motivational Soundtrack! 

I LOVE motivational music, so it’s no surprise that one of my favorite bands is The Score. Practically everything they release is super motivational. I like motivational music from other artists too, of course. Here is my Motivational Playlist:


In My Bones- The Score
Thunder- Imagine Dragons
Rush- The Score
SING- My Chemical Romance
Born for This- The Score
Whatever It Takes- Imagine Dragons
Legend- The Score
High Hopes- Panic! At The Disco
Unstoppable- The Score
Undefeated- Skillet
Stronger- The Score
Feel Invincible- Skillet
The Fear- The Score
Never Going Back- The Score
Legendary – Welshly Arms
Higher- The Score
Watch Me- The Phantoms
Shakedown- The Score
Made For This- The Phantoms
Roar- Katy Perry

What do you do to get motivated? Let us know in the comments!

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Thanks again for reading, stay awesome, remember to love yourself, and I’ll see you in our next post!