How to Make DIY Doll Witch Hat / DIY Miniature Witch Hat

Ciao lovelies! Are you noticing the magical theme this week? As mentioned in our post about “How to Add Magic to your Life,” the town I’m currently in is having a huge Harry Potter themed festival called Queen City Mischief and Magic! It’s got me feeling pretty magical, so this week I decided to theme all the blog posts around magic! Today I decided to partake in some magical crafting, so here’s how to make a DIY Doll Witch’s Hat!

How to Make a DIY Doll Witch’s Hat:

What you’ll Need:

For this craft, you will need:

A doll (for measurement and as a model)
A round object about the size of the doll’s head circumference (the measurement of around the doll’s head)
Craft foam in your desired color
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks (I didn’t even use a full hot glue stick for this craft.)
Pencil or something to draw with
Your desired embellishments (I added to what’s shown here, more on that later)

Now let’s put it all together to make this cute DIY Doll Witch Hat! Below is a picture of the steps, and below that is the explanation for each picture in depth. To check which step goes with each picture, compare the headings (which say “step one,” etc.) to the step number on the picture.


Find a round object that is about the size of the dolls head. Here I’m using a roll of washi tape that has a similar circumference to my doll’s head. (Circumference: measurement around a circular object). Use the round object to draw a circle. Then around that circle, draw what you want the brim of your witch’s hat to look like.


Fold some of the foam in half and draw half of a circle that is at least 2 times larger than your brim.


Cut out the brim (which should be a donut shape) and the big circle for the “cone” of the hat.


Cut the big circle in half.


Okay, here’s where it gets complicated, so please bear with me. Wrap the big half circle around itself into a cone shape, then glue it in place. Cut off any excess. Then, glue the cone to the brim by holding it onto the brim and hot gluing around the edge.  LET THE HOT GLUE COOL COMPLETELY.


Add your desired embellishments. I added a little bow and rhinestone first. Then I used an old chain and attached pieces of it to the brim by puncturing small holes in the brim and attaching the jump rings of the chain to the brim. This took a little force and if you want to accomplish this look, I would use pliers.

And you’re done! Now you can take all sorts of fun photos of your dolls in this magical witchy hat.
This hat size was designed for Monster High, but I found that it fits Wild Hearts Crew and it looks like a Mini-Hat on Freaky Tall Monster High ghouls.

What do you think of this project? Will you be making some DIY Doll Witch hats? If you do, tag us in your creations on Instagram using #OFTreaders or #OFThalloween2019 and we might feature you on our story! (As long as your submission is all-ages-appropriate).

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