7 Tips on How to Be Creative!

Ciao lovelies! Recently I have been struggling with a creative drought in regards to the blog. What I mean by creative drought is simply that I’ve had issues tapping into my creativity. Sometimes the ideas were there, but they weren’t good enough: other times there were no ideas at all. When I have a semi-long period of time like this, I call it a “Creative Drought.” Today I’m going to be providing some tips that I personally do when trying to overcome a Creative Drought. Simply put, this post is going to be “How to Be Creative.”

LUNARIA’S TIPS: How to Be Creative

1.       Consume Media: watch movies, videos, tv-shows…look at art…listen to music…read books, blog posts, news articles…

a.       This might sound super dumb, like “I’m trying to DO WORK and CREATE CONTENT, not procrastinate!” and this isn’t really procrastination if you do it right. Consuming media somewhat similar to what you’d like to produce will help spark your creativity.
b.       A note with this tip- DO NOT PLAGIARIZE, COPY, or STEAL someone else’s CONTENT! Even if you are having a lot of trouble coming up with your own ideas, never steal someone else’s original content. It’s okay to be inspired by someone, but don’t imitate someone! 

2.       Think Outside the Box!

a.       What I mean by this is simple. Let’s say you’re trying to come up with content for a cooking channel on YouTube, and let’s say you’re trying to produce a video about dinner recipes. Don’t just mimic what everyone else is doing for those types of videos. Try to think of what someone else might not do that could still be good content, and try to produce it.

3.       Think like your Target Audience.

a.       When you are thinking like your Target Audience, you need to adapt to the mindset of someone who regularly consumes media like what you are creating. Get into the head of your typical viewer, reader, etc.
b.       A good way to do this is to look at your analytics. If you produce media for an online source like a website, blog, etc, check Google Analytics and Search Console.
                                                               i.      Google Analytics can tell you which pages are doing best on your website.
                                                             ii.      Search Console can tell you how people are finding your website via what search terms they use on Google. This is helpful to see what terms people might search for that they DON’T click on your website for. That can give you ideas of what content to create next!

4.       Don’t Lose Sight of the Fun!

a.       Content creation, whether it’s writing, traditional art, video production, graphic design, etc., is not ONLY meant to gain recognition. True, this is ONE of the reasons people might create. But if you aren’t ENJOYING the process of creation, is it worth creating?

5.       Reduce Your Stress Levels.

a.       I find that its so much harder to be creative if I’m very stressed. Things like work and school can pile on responsibilities that make me feel like I’m not being productive enough.
b.       It’s important to try to keep your stress levels low for many reasons, but one of those is that your creativity will take a hit from high stress.

6.       Find Time to Reflect.

a.       This doesn’t have to be super complicated. You can reflect in the shower/bath. You can reflect while listening to music. Just find some time in your day where you can take a moment to look back at your day and possibly find something inspiring.

7.       Don’t Give Up.

a.       Just because you can’t immediately tap into your creative side doesn’t mean you should give up. It took me several days to come up with the idea for this post, and the idea was literally created from my lack of creativity! You can find creativity in the weirdest places, just don’t be afraid to look.

What are your tried-and-true methods for being creative? How do you bring forth the muses in your mind? Let me know in the comments!

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