Li'l Woodzeez Nursery Playset Toy Review

Ciao lovelies! As you may know, I love Calico Critters, usually I like Calico Critter playsets and figures more than I like Li'l Woodzeez. However, this playset I really loved, so I wanted to review this for you all to help you decide if you might want to buy it for your own collection. I personally use the Li'l Woodzeez Nursery Playset for my Calico Critters babies, but I don't think there's anything wrong with mixing toy brands. It makes for super cute photography! 

I got this at a local Target for about $15 (and some change) after tax ($14.99 before).

This set is part of the Li'l Woodzeez line of toys manufactured by Battat, the same company that makes toys you may know of like Our Generation dolls, Terra Figures, and Lori dolls. 

Li'l Woodzeez dolls are small, semi-articulated animal figures. They have many playsets, blind bags, and other toys associated with them. If you'd like to see how they compare to Calico Critters, please check out my post comparing Li'l Woodzeez to Calico Critters (Li'l Woodzeez Babeez VS Calico Critters Babies). 


Picture from official Li'l Woodzeez site.

COST: This playset costs $15 at Target.

INCLUDED: This playset comes with; the room, 1 Artist Easel, 3 paintbrushes, 3 paint containers, 1 sandbox, 1 shovel, 1 Sand bucket, 3 stools, 1 counter table, 3 mini plates, 3 mini forks, 3 green apples, 3 sandwiches, 3 cheese-crackers, a shelving unit, 4 buckets, 3 blocks, 1 soccer ball, 1 book, 1 goldfish tank, 3 bowls, 1 sleeping cot, 3 bibs. 

Nursery set up with Calico Critters figures.


I love how much comes in this set for the cost. Everything is so adorable and I just adore how many different setups can be made with the pieces. Even the easel, on the other side is a "chalkboard":

Figure in chair is Li'l Woodzeez Babeez Raccoon, chair is Calico Critters, book is Li'l Woodzeez, Bunny figure is Calico Critters, chalkboard is Li'l Woodzeez.

There are lots of cute details in this set. Something else that I like is that I can even incorporate other toy brands into the scene for a cute look:

Animal figures are Calico Critters. Paint palette, Backpack, paper towels and dish soap bottle are all Shopkins/Petkins. 

I also like how each little piece of the playset has a good amount of detail. 


I like this playset a lot! Like I said earlier, even though I usually prefer Calico Critters stuff, this Li'l Woodzeez playset just captures my heart. It's super cute, highly detailed, and you get SO MUCH STUFF for the cost. 

Is this worth your money? I definitely think so. This set changed my mind about Li'l Woodzeez playsets. I think if you want to get more playsets to use in a Calico Critters world, or to use with Li'l Woodzeez figures, I think Li'l Woodzeez playsets are a good, lower cost alternative to Calico Critters playsets. HOWEVER I still HIGHLY prefer Calico Critters figures over Li'l Woodzeez figures. They're just cuter.

What do YOU think? Are Li'l Woodzeez playsets just as good as Calico Critters? Do you have a preference? Let us know in the comments below!
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