How to Conduct a GHOST INVESTIGATION for Beginners

Ciao lovelies! Have you ever been interested in ghost investigation? Have you ever seen “ghost hunters” on TV, collecting evidence of the paranormal, and been inspired to conduct a ghost hunt of your own? Today I’m going to give you some beginning tips and general help for beginner ghost investigation and tell you how to conduct a ghost investigation for beginners.

DISCLAIMERS: I am not claiming to be an expert on the supernatural/paranormal, nor am I endorsing meddling with dangerous spirits like demons/poltergeists, etc. I am merely providing these tips and facts for entertainment purposes only. I am not liable for any unwanted outcomes from conducting a ghost investigation.

How to Conduct a Ghost Investigation for Beginners


Here are some basic tips before you begin a ghost investigation.

-          NEVER GO ALONE. Especially if you are investigating at night. Always bring a group or at least a buddy, and always have parental permission or a chaperone. 

-          MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE NOT TRESPASSING. Do research into your location and ask the owners for permission first. If you are investigating city property like a graveyard, get permission from the city. You might need a permit or to notify the local police that you will be there. DO NOT trespass on anyone’s property. 

-          PROTECT YOURSELF SPIRITUALLY. Whatever religion you are a part of, practice your protective prayers, spells, etc. If you are not religious, do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

-          PROTECT YOURSELF PHYSICALLY. Look over the location during the day to see any obstacles you may trip on in the dark. Bring flashlights and ways to see easily. As always, stay in groups/buddy system.

-          BRING ID. In case someone stops you, bring ID like a drivers license or something so you can prove who you are. But like I said earlier, you NEED to get permission to investigate your location, do NOT trespass on private property.

-          GET EQUIPMENT. You don’t need fancy equipment to investigate. A flashlight, camera, phone, and maybe sound recorder are ideal. You can also bring any other equipment you may want. If you wish to get serious about ghost investigation, you could bring EMF detectors and other devices.

-          DO RESEARCH. Find out everything you can about the history of the place you are investigating and why it might be haunted. Battlefields, hospitals, graveyards, etc. might be hotbeds for activity, do some research into local urban legends to find out more.


-          Try to get a mix of both still images and video clips. If you’ve been seeing something appear, try to snap a pic, especially with flash. Flash is said to potentially help highlight paranormal things like mists and orbs.

-          Be ready to debunk. Debunking is when something is proven to not be paranormal. Don’t automatically assume everything is paranormal, instead, try to debunk things with logical causes. That way when you actually capture evidence, you’ll be more reputable.

-          Treat the ghosts with respect. Most spirits were once living people, so talk to them and treat them like you’d treat anyone. With respect.

-          Never taunt the ghosts. Do NOT go into an investigation thinking that you will “make fun” of the ghosts. This is disrespectful and may lead to you being hurt or scared.


Ghost investigations can be a bit daunting if you’ve never conducted one. I’ve provided a basic 10 step process to doing ghost investigations for beginners, though by no means is this the only way to do an investigation. This is merely what I think about them.

1.       Do all the prior research required about your location. Acquire needed permissions to investigate your desired location. Look into local legends/stories about the location.

2.       Visit the location during the day. This can be the day of the investigation or the day before, or even weeks before, this is up to you. Visit the location during the day so that you can become acquainted with it and familiar with the layout.

3.       Get your equipment together. Gather any needed equipment, including but not limited to: flashlight, camera, sound recorder, EMF devices, phone, ID, First aid kit, etc.


4.       Before entering the location, do your necessary spiritual protections. 

5.       Begin by entering the location and explaining calmly to the ghosts your intentions, whether that is to capture evidence, communicate, or simply to prove their existence. 

6.       You can begin to investigate here any way you see fit. I would first ask a few questions of the spirits and try to record EVP’s. I feel that trying to spark some communication is a good way to start leading into potentially capturing some evidence of the paranormal.

7.       From there, I would begin to snap still images of the area. If you don’t have any Ultra-Violet, Night-Vision, or Full-Spectrum camera, simply use your camera’s flash feature. 

8.       After this, or during the above process (if you have multiple cameras), record some video clips while asking some questions. 

9.       When concluding the investigation, thank the ghosts for allowing you to investigate the location. 

10.   After leaving the location, do any cleansing rituals you feel comfortable with, so that you do not carry any spirits with you from the location.

What do you think? Do you even believe in ghosts? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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