SlimyGloop Squeezwiches Rainbow Waffle Review

Ciao lovelies! Today I’ve got a review post for you all – I’m reviewing a product that I mentioned in our 8 Awesome Gifts for your Bestie for $5 or less post: SlimyGloop Squeezwiches. Specifically I am reviewing the Rainbow Waffle kit.

DISCLAIMER- I am NOT sponsored nor affiliated with SlimyGloop or Horizon Group USA, or Five Below. I am merely reviewing this product for entertainment purposes.

So I found this toy at Five Below for $5. The Rainbow Waffle one immediately grabbed my attention because of how colorful and bright it was.

Here is what the box looked like (plus our new Letterboard!):

It’s totally eye-catching. I love the design of the box!

Here is what we get inside:

We get Slime, Tinsel, Plastic fake Sprinkles, and Two Waffle toys. Now, when I first purchased this I thought that the waffle pieces would be squishy because the box says “Stackable and Squishy Fun,” but the waffle pieces are hollow plastic. I was a tiny bit disappointed to discover this, but the toy is still cool looking anyway.

And here is what the instructions look like:

So first I decided to test the slime:

 It was moderately sticky. It stuck to my fingers a lot, but didn’t stick too badly to the plastic surface I put down.

One big plus was that this slime was VERY stretchy. It did not break when stretched and could stretch very far. It was also a beautiful pearly white color.

So next I decided to mix in the sprinkles, and then the slime looked like this:

It still had a good stretch and was slightly less sticky.

So now naturally I wanted to test out the main purpose of this toy- to build a slime sandwich! I stacked slime into the waffle pieces and squished it!

I really loved the texture of this, it was super fun!

Then I mixed in the tinsel! This turned the slime a sort of silver color.

It still had a good stretch and was still playable, at first...

One big thing I noticed after putting the tinsel in was that the more I worked the slime, the stickier it got. It stuck to my hands and left a residue. I’m not sure why.


I loved this toy! I was a little annoyed at first that the waffle pieces were not squishies but after that I really ended up liking the whole experience. I definitely think it was worth my money. If I could change some things, I would include a container to store the slime in once you mix in the tinsel and sprinkles.

Overall, is this worth buying for yourself or a friend? I think so!

What do you think? Have you ever tried out this product? What did you think of the experience? Let us know in the comments! 

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