My Top 5 Favorite Summer 2019 Fashion Trends

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is all about fashion- specifically what my favorites are out of all the upcoming Summer 2019 Fashion trends. Some of you can probably relate to my struggle of keeping it trendy while sticking true to my own style. So if my favorites of the trends don’t strike your fancy, don’t worry! I only picked 5 of the many summer 2019 fashion trend predictions out there. For more trend info, check the bottom of this post where I will link you to some more Summer 2019 fashion trends lists!

My Fashion Profile:

The trends I picked as my favorites are ones that I could potentially work into my highly feminine, slightly “quirky” aesthetic. I enjoy more sweet, cute clothing, but sometimes work some goth/scene inspired feelings into my clothing. What I wear can depend highly on my mood, but I tend to go for the more traditionally feminine feeling to my clothing, usually adding a playful element here and there. I like to wear a lot of alternative fashions, including EGL, so I find aspects of alternative and kawaii fashions worked into my style.

I’m giving you this information because you can use my fashion profile to see why I selected certain trends as my favorites. Enough about me, now let’s get into the trends!

My Favorite Summer 2019 Fashion Trends:


Lavender has been a constant in many of the “Summer 2019 Fashion Trends” that I’ve been seeing. I personally love pastels, and lavender is a beautiful color. Not to mention it keeps an aspect of spring as we roll into summer. What’s not to love?

I found 2 OOTD inspo pics (Outfit of the Day inspiration pictures) including lavender on Pinterest:


Tie-Dye personally makes me think of my childhood, I have one pretty hazy memory of doing tie-dye as a kid, I think it was for a school event. But anyway, who can deny that Tie-Dye is a huge summer necessity? It gives off such a retro vibe and it’s a great DIY project for a nice day. Plus it can help save some clothes from ending up in landfills because we can reuse them by tie-dying them! Love it!

I found a few inspo pics on Pinterest that include some amazing tie-dye:

Hair Barrettes, Scrunchies and Bows

Another somewhat retro throwback coming back onto the fashion scene! Fashionistas everywhere have noticed a total resurgence of hair accessories! Specifically, barrettes, scrunchies and bows! While I still love my flower crowns and headbands (and believe me, I’m holding onto them because I know they’ll be trendy again soon), I am totally on board with hair barrettes, scrunchies and bows becoming popular! As someone who adores bows especially, I’m excited to know that bows and scrunchies will be popping up in shops again.

Some inspo pics that I :

Puffed Sleeves

Oh! My! Goodness! I love puffed sleeves! This trend makes me think of both EGL and of vintage looks. It’s so cool to see trends like this coming back into fashion, I know for a while there, puffed sleeves were reserved for kids clothes it seemed like (which was so inconvenient for yours truly as I love puffed sleeves) and it was nearly impossible to find clothing for juniors/adults with puffed sleeves. So this trend really makes me happy. To me, it shouts “feminine” in so many ways. I also just find puffed sleeves to be a great mix of cute and elegant.

Here are some inspo pics I found on Pinterest that I love:

Floral Prints

A sweet floral print for summer, it sounds dreamy and romantic- and those are the vibes that are given off by this trend! I’ve noticed that small floral prints seem to be taking off, and for good reason. Especially I can just imagine someone combining many of the trends mentioned here… a lavender floral print dress with puffed sleeves and a bow in their hair. How beautiful! I love florals even though I personally don’t own many, I hope to change that this summer!

Fashion Inspo Pics I :

What do you think of these trends? Love them? Hate them? Let me know in the comments below!

As promised, here are the links to more fashion trends summer 2019 lists:

Thanks for reading, stay awesome, and I’ll see you in my next post!

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