SmooshyMushy Lolli Lamb Mini Backpack Review

Ciao lovelies! Today's post is a review of the SmooshyMushy Lolli Lamb Mini Backpack Kit! 

I found this kit at Walmart on clearance, it is originally listed for $10.98 on the Walmart Website. 

Here is what the packaging looks like:

The front of the packaging.
The back of the packaging
The top of the packaging
What we get!
 Inside the package, we get:
-The mini backpack
-5 Markers
-A set of puffy stickers
-A squishy keychain

These are the colors of markers included. Tan/beige, hot pink, purple, light pink, blue.
The included keychain.
The stickers in their plastic packaging. They're all very cute.
 So to review the backpack itself for a second, here is what it looks like on it's own:
 The backpack came stuffed with tissue paper:
Which ended up staining the inside of the bag:
The "dirty" spots are stains from the tissue paper.
 I wish they had stuffed it with regular white tissue paper to avoid the staining issue....

As for the backpack, it's pretty cheaply made and thin, I feel like it would definitely break if you use it too much.

The design is cute though. 

So on to the stickers and markers....

They're meant for you to color them in with the markers. At first I was worried that the markers would be low quality, but they were really amazing! Here is what the coloring looked like when I colored two of the stickers:

The stickers are meant to be stuck to the backpack, so I warily tried the stickers that I colored on the front of the bag....

 And they stuck really well!

Picture of the finished backpack with no flash
With flash.

Overall thoughts on this kit?

  • The backpack was very cheaply made, and I'm worried that it will break after extended use.
  • The keychain was super soft and squishy and cute.
  • The stickers are really nice quality, and stick really well. 
  • The markers are high quality, and I really like them.

My overall thoughts on this are that, for the price, the quality of the backpack itself could've been better. But I was impressed with the quality of everything else in the kit!

Overall Rating:

Do you like the SmooshyMushy brand? Have you ever seen any of their products like their squishies or kits? What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments below!

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