8 Super Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Bestie for $5 or less! – Five Below Finds

Ciao lovelies! Have you ever had the problem where you want to get your bestie a super awesome gift, but you’re unsure what to get them? Or perhaps you want to get your bestie something SUPER AWESOME but have very little money? Well I found 8 ideas at my local Five Below for super awesome gift ideas for your bestie for $5 or less!

Before I start showing you the ideas a disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored by Five Below and I am NOT affiliated with them in any way as of 5/29/19. This post is for entertainment and solely to provide gift ideas.

This list includes the some of the trendiest, coolest stuff that caught my eye in my local Five Below! (PS- Leave a comment below if you want me to do this post again but in Walmart, Target or other stores!)

Enough chit chat, let’s get into these trendy gift ideas for your bestie for $5 or less!

#1- Makeup! (Specifically, this set of Iridescent Lip Glosses!)

When I spotted this totally fabulous lip gloss set, I knew I should snap a picture for this post. If you’ve got a bestie who loves makeup, fashion, and being a total trendsetter, I would recommend this set. Plus it was only $5- Score!

#2- Face Masks!

Who doesn’t love to practice some self-care every now and then? Why not gift your bestie some help with their self-care routine with these adorable face masks? Each one was only $1.25 and I thought the packaging was so cute.

#3- Something You Can Do Together! (This craft kit of Bestie Slime Necklaces works great!)


A unique spin on BFF Jewelry, I saw this kit and thought it was super adorable. BFF jewelry is a cute gift idea! But then adding slime? Simply genius! This kit was also only $5!

(PS, who remembers when OFT did those PB&J BFF necklaces?
My Bestie Nightsong has one half and I have the other!).

#4- Inspire their artistic side!  (With this Painting Bliss Deluxe Art Kit!)

If you have a super creative and artistic bestie, this craft kit might be perfect for them! I loved the eye-catching designs on the package and thought that this would be a cool gift for any bestie! And this kit was again, only $5!

#5- SlimyGloop SqueezWiches Kit!

If your bestie loves stim toys, they will love this! This looks so cool! The concept is that you get toys and slime and you can make fun “SqueezWiches” with them! (PS- Want us to get one and try it out on OFT’s YouTube Channel? Leave a comment below!). This kit was also only $5!

#6- A Cute Mug!

Five Below has so many adorable mugs for only $5 each. And when I say adorable, I mean it. Look at this panda mug! It is so kawaii! Your bestie would most likely love a cute mug, and you could even include some mug cake recipes with it!

#7- Activity Books! (Like this Jojo Siwa one!)

Activity books can be so super fun, and you can even find trendy ones like this Jojo Siwa one for only $5! If your bestie is going on a long trip, getting them a cool activity book to do while they travel would be super cool!

#8- More Slime Jewelry?!

I was completely shocked by how many kits I saw for Slime Jewelry, but this one by SlimyGloop looked really cute. Maybe get this for your bestie if she likes slime and accessorizing! Once again, this kit is only $5!
What do you think of our list? Would you get your bestie any of these gift ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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Thanks again for reading, stay awesome, remember to love yourself, and I’ll see you in our next post!