All About Earth Day Staunton!

Ciao lovelies! Today I have a super fun post for you all- all about Earth Day Staunton, my experiences volunteering there and how much of a great time it was!

So over the weekend, on Saturday, I was a volunteer at Earth Day Staunton! Nightsong and I volunteered as face-painters for the kids!

We had a super fun time volunteering, I got to paint probably more than like 35 people’s faces. It was pretty busy!  Popular designs were trees, flowers, and butterflies- but I also painted spiderman, rainbows, the recycle symbol, and more. Before this event I had never face painted before, but I found that it was not too hard to figure out, but definitely hard to put into practice! But I still had a wonderful time.

I also got the chance to walk around and see the other booths.

They had a beekeeper’s beehive there with hardworking bees inside! I didn’t want to get a picture because my camera has a red light when it takes pictures and I didn’t want to disturb the bees.

There was also a booth “Friends of Middle River” which had fish that you could pet! I did not pet the fish because fish make me nervous a little, but I did watch them for a while because they looked cool. They also had a little setup to show what kinds of bugs live in a healthy river ecosystem. I thought that was pretty cool.

One of the big parts of the event was a little passport for kids, and when they went to certain booths they could get a stamp on the passport. Then they could turn in stamps for recycled prizes at this other booth! It was a cute concept in my opinion!

Overall, the event seemed like a big success! There were tons of people there and they were offering lots for both children and adults to see and do!

I hope I get the chance to go again next year!

Thanks for reading! If you went to Earth Day Staunton, what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

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