A NEW Positive Internet Challenge? What is Hashtag TrashTag? (#TrashTag)

Ciao lovelies and welcome back to Sustainability Month on OFT! Today I am going to be talking about #Trashtag (hashtag Trashtag) and how we can use it to teach people about sustainability.

What is Hashtag Trashtag?  (#TrashTag)

#Trashtag is a hashtag that people use to tag “before and after” pictures of a littered, messy patch of land and then the aftermath of them cleaning it up.  This hashtag is recently gaining more traction after an image was shared that went viral:

After this image went viral the hashtag was filled with people cleaning up the world around them! It’s really taken off as the next big internet “Challenge!”

The Positives of #TrashTag

There are many positive sides to this new internet challenge #TrashTag, including:

-          People are taking the time to clean up the world around them!

-          People are realizing the horrible impact humans have on the environment.

-          Polluted/litter-filled areas are being cleaned up!

-          People are beginning to realize that the way we currently live is not sustainable.

How Can #TrashTag Teach People About Sustainability?

While this is a great beginning point, I feel we can go further with #TrashTag when it comes to teaching people about sustainability. Like I mentioned above, a BIG positive side to this internet challenge is that people are actually recognizing the issue- that we can’t keep going the way we are, or we’ll trash our planet. Not only has #TrashTag taken off, but #TrashTag is also encouraging people to use alternatives to common single use plastics like straws. Companies like SandCloud are producing metal straws and I’ve even seen bamboo straws on my Instagram feed.

I love that this trend is encouraging people to notice the flaws in how we consume, and encouraging people to change their habits.

I think that anyone and everyone should try the #TrashTag challenge. But more than that, of course. Instagram has a feature where you can upload multiple images in one post and people can swipe through them. Maybe include some stats on litter and plastic pollution in your #TrashTag post as well? Here is an image that I have created that is free to use;

Another great way to spread the #TrashTag challenge is to tag your friends in your #TrashTag challenge post to encourage them to do it too!

Overall Thoughts

I think this internet challenge is great! #TrashTag is one of the best internet challenges I’ve ever seen, and I actually want to do this challenge too!

Oh, and if you do the #TrashTag challenge, be sure to tag @onlyfunthingsblog on Instagram for a feature in our story, so we can share your #TrashTag challenge post with our audience too!

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