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Ciao lovelies and kawaii-lovers! Today’s post is a kawaii overload, because I am reviewing my experience with the Hello Kitty Café Truck! This review is completely my own thoughts and feelings, based on my experiences. I am not sponsored nor affiliated with Sanrio.

Over Spring Break, I convinced my fiancé and my best friend to go to the mall in the neighboring town with me. Why? Because I had seen that the Hello Kitty Café truck was going to be there! We went shopping in the mall first, but I was careful with my money and only bought a Pokemon T-shirt because I was saving for the Hello Kitty Café Truck. I knew it would be expensive, I had seen online that the prices were pretty high. But I really wanted the experience!

After shopping for a few hours we stepped out into the cold to wait in line for the Hello Kitty Café Truck. There, we waited for probably about an hour in line before I got up to the truck and was able to buy two items!

I bought the Bow-Handle Mug and the 3 pack of cookies, and in total my purchase came to $29. The mug was $15 and the cookies were $13, plus tax.

Now I know what you’re thinking, who in their right mind spends $13 on cookies, and I’m well aware it was a poor financial decision, but at the time I was excited and wasn’t really thinking.

To kick off the “review” part of this post, (I swear I’m getting there!), I’m going to review each item I bought and then I will review the overall experience.

The Hello Kitty Bow Handle Mug:

Cost- $15

Packaging- I love the box that this came in! It’s so adorable. On the sides it says “Hello Kitty Café” and has little icons of a donut, teacup, and Hello Kitty:

On the top it has a cute print of a bunch of desserts:

On the front it has the words “Hello Kitty Café” and Hello Kitty next to a teacup, it also has a clear plastic section shaped like her bow to show off the mug inside:

Even the back of the box is cute and shows Hello Kitty:

Quality- This item is great quality, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe and there are no visible errors in the design. This item is ceramic and a little heavy, so if you’re thinking about getting it, keep in mind to keep it away from anyone who may drop and break it. 

Design- I love this design. It’s so adorable! I love how they implemented Hello Kitty’s famous bow into the handle, and how they have the grey print along the bottom that’s cute but not “too much.”:

 I also LOVE how the inside says “Have a Sweet Day!”:

Overall thoughts- I think this mug was worth the money and I would definitely buy it again! I love it so much and it’s a great collector’s item for any Hello Kitty fan. If you’re considering going to a Hello Kitty Café Truck event, I would definitely recommend getting this mug.

The Hello Kitty Cookies:

Cost- $13

Packaging- The packaging that these came in was so cute, it looks like a little shop window with a scalloped awning! I really thought it was adorable. I also loved the back because it’s so colorful and cute:

Quality- The cookies were good, nothing special though, just plain vanilla cookies with royal icing on top, one had sprinkles. The quality was good, in my opinion, though I know that not everyone likes royal icing. 

Design- Each cookie had a different design. My favorite was the cookie shaped like Hello Kitty, which I unfortunately didn’t get any pics of it out of the box. I did however get a picture of the coffee cup design cookie:

I thought this design was cute and inventive! There was also a third cookie that was rainbow sprinkles and a pink drizzle of royal icing and a bow from royal icing. 

Overall thoughts- I don’t think these cookies were worth $13 even though they’re Hello Kitty, if I were to do it again I would probably just buy the mug.

The Overall Experience of the Hello Kitty Café Truck:

Cost overall - $29 and an hour in the cold (though reading other reviews online, apparently an hour is LUCKY for us.) 

Overall thoughts and feelings- Did I have a great time? Yes, even though I was in the cold I was in good company, it didn’t really feel like an hour in line, and it was so fun to be able to go buy Hello Kitty merch from the truck. I was a little disappointed because my first choice and second choice items were sold out by the time we got there (As were many items):

But I really just wanted some piece of merch from the truck for my collection of cute items! I didn’t really mind that the first and second choices were sold out BUT if you have a specific item that you want, get there fast!

I also liked how they gave us buttons and stickers with our purchase! It was a cute touch and made my face light up when we got to the area to get the mug and they said “here, have some stickers and buttons!” 

Another thing I liked was how fast they took care of orders. I was finished up getting my stuff in less than 2 minutes. I thought it ran very smoothly and they were able to handle a lot of people in a short amount of time.

Overall would I do this again? Yes, I would! I really liked this experience and I would definitely do it again. 

Thank you so much for reading my review of the Hello Kitty Café Truck! If you like kawaii stuff, check out our other kawaii review about Blippo Kawaii Shop!

Thanks for reading, remember to love yourself, stay awesome, and I’ll see you in my next post!
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