4 Amazing Benefits to Adventuring!

 Ciao lovelies! Today I want to talk about 4 of the amazing benefits to adventuring or going on frequent adventures!

To begin, I’d like to define adventuring! What is an adventure? For the sake of this post, adventuring is when you go on a journey, near or far, make sure to pay special attention to your surroundings and have a fun time! This can really be anything, from a simple walk around your neighborhood, to a long stroll through town, or even a road trip! So long as you have the adventuring spirit.

Recently I went on some adventures with my bestie and we took lots of photos. Our adventures were somewhat simple, we wandered through town taking photos of everything we liked. We just wandered, no real set path in sight, just looking for the next great photo. It was really fun, and through the adventures I noticed 4 big amazing benefits, and so I decided to go adventuring at least once a week now!

Now let’s get into the benefits of Adventuring!

#1- Adventuring/Exploring Helps with Depression! It isn’t a cure-all, but it can really help with depressive episodes. I noticed a definite boost in mood during the adventuring. The more you can calm your mind by losing yourself a little in your environment, the less you can overthink.

#2- Making Memories! A big part of adventuring is to make memories! One of my big tips for adventuring is to bring a camera or phone with a nice camera on it. I loved taking photos of subjects I wouldn’t normally photograph, like flowers and brick walls.

#3- Building Physical Strength! As someone who’s very physically weak for many reasons, I felt proud of myself for keeping up with my bestie through our adventures. We climbed hills and walked what felt like a few miles. I feel like if I continue my adventures, I’ll be in better shape.

#4 - Enjoying Life! Too often I feel like I’m lost in a sea of anxiety and overwhelmed by all the things in the world. Adventuring is really a way to clear my mind and helps me to enjoy the little things in life, like how beautiful flowers look or how striking the ivy on a brick wall is.

In short, I really encourage you to go on your own adventures. Always bring a buddy (For safety), and a camera. And don’t forget to just take it all in!

Thanks for reading, remember to love yourself, stay awesome, and I’ll see you in my next post!

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