Royally Fun Springtime Ideas and Tips PART 2 – Royals Lesson!

Ciao lovelies! Today we’re bringing it back to a post I wrote in February 2018- “Royally Fun Springtime Ideas and Tips.” This post is going to be part 2 of that post, with even more Springtime ideas and tips!

As mentioned in part 1, Springtime is important because it signifies rebirth, new beginnings, and fresh starts. It’s also nice because the weather begins to warm, and we can do more activities outside.  Spring time can be especially nice for those of us with depression because that can be affected by the seasons and lack of vitamin D from the sun. It’s also the time where high school and college students have spring break, which provides usually about a week of free time full of possibilities!

So now let’s get into the Springtime ideas and tips!


-          Last time we mentioned doing Flower Arrangements for your loved ones, but did you know there’s an old holiday around springtime that would utilize knowledge of flower meanings and flower arranging? Called “May Day,” this holiday is celebrated on the first of May every year, and includes festivities like dancing around a Maypole, and leaving “May Baskets” at friends’ and neighbors’ doorsteps, filled with sweets and of course, flower arrangements. We’ve got a whole post about flower meanings (CLICK ME!) if you want to make your very own flower arrangement for a loved one!

-          Another fun thing to do in the springtime is to bake Spring themed foods! You could make floral cupcakes with candied flowers or frosting, you could make sweet bread buns filled with custard and design them to look like cute animals, you could even make holiday themed sweets like for Easter or May Day!

-          Something else super fun you can do in springtime is to collect and press flowers. Pressed and dried flowers can be used for scrapbooking, journaling, or even resin DIYs!

-          Another fun thing to do in the spring time is to go to the beach. If you make sure to go in early spring before any of the schools have spring break, chances are you’ll be relatively alone on the beach which makes for a relaxing beach experience! It won’t be extremely warm unless you live in a place like Florida, or near the Equator, but you can spend the day doing fun activities without needing a swimsuit, like shell collecting and taking photos. 

-          A fantastic idea to do in the spring is to go to as many fun local events as you can. Some examples include; listening to local bands play live, attending a farmer’s market, going to a city-wide festival, taking part in a neighborhood wide yard sale, going to a local art gallery opening, etc! There are tons of possibilities. Just take a look at local flyers and keep an ear to the ground about what goes on in your community!


-          Make sure to apply sunscreen or UV protectant foundation, even if it’s cloudy outside! You can get sunburnt in any conditions, and while it can be fun to be outdoors in the newly-warm weather, you can also end up getting nasty burns, so be careful!

-          If you haven’t already, invest in like 2-3 plain colored cardigans for your wardrobe. Cardigans are lightweight but still warm and can help in Spring time’s ever-changing weather.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you liked these tips and ideas! 

Thank you for reading, remember to love yourself, stay awesome, and I'll see you in our next post!
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