Is Dollar Tree Slime Good Quality? SLIME REVIEW! Crystal OozyGoo Slime Review!

Ciao lovelies! Today we’re putting Dollar Tree slime to the test to see: Is Dollar Tree slime good quality?

For this review I picked up “Crystal OozyGoo” Slime from the Dollar Tree for $1. I’ve had a lot of $1 slimes before, mostly from Target’s $1-$5 section, though some from Dollar Tree too. Most of the slimes I’ve had from Dollar Tree had a more watery consistency and didn’t hold their shape, stretch, or poke well at all. So let’s see if the slime I picked up today is any better!

Here is what it looks like in the initial packaging:

And in it’s container:

It comes in a Diamond shaped container and has a ring inside.

This is what the ring looks like:

So first I noticed that directly out of the container this is more like a putty-slime and is very sticky straight out of the packaging. 

First I decided to test the stretch, and this slime has good stretch if you are a little slower about stretching it.

I also liked poking it as it held its shape for a little bit.

Pulling the slime was also very fun. It’s not “spreadable” like butter slime but it does have a cool look to it when you pull it:


Pros: Stretchy, firm but not too solid. Glittery and translucent. Comes with a cute little ring. Cute packaging. Price was a big pro! (only $1).

Cons: Sticky right out of the package (but goes away when you work it a little). Somewhat strong chemical scent. If you stretch too fast it snaps.

Conclusion: If you see this slime at your local Dollar Tree I would recommend it to you if you like putty slime. It is well worth the money!

My overall rating is 5/5!

Thanks for reading! I hope this review could help you determine if you want to try out Dollar Tree’s slime!

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