Top 5 Hobbies for a Kawaii Lifestyle – Kawaii Fridays!

Ciao lovelies! Today here’s 5 “Kawaii Lifestyle” Hobbies!

Now before I begin, I want to say that these hobbies are NOT the only hobbies that can be included in a “Kawaii Lifestyle”! You could do anything for hobbies and still lead a kawaii life. These are just some hobbies that may be considered “Kawaii” traditionally/stereotypically.

So now, let’s get into this super cute hobby list!

#1- Toy Collecting! Many Kawaii Lifestylers that I know of, myself included, collect toys! Some collect vintage toys, some collect modern and some collect both! Toy collecting can be very fun for many reasons. For one, if you have a more childish nature/if you’re an age regressor, you can play with the toys! For two, your toy collection can make great kawaii décor! Toys come in all shapes and colors and sizes, so you can carefully select what you want to display! Some Kawaii toys to collect that I recommend: Num-Noms!

As well as: Calico Critters (also known as Sylvanian Families), Shopkins Lil Secrets (Which are a lot like old school Polly Pockets), Squishies, Molang figures, Monster High Minis….ect! 
And going right along with toy collecting is…

#2- Toy Photography / Doll Photography! Another super fun and “kawaii” hobby is toy photography! Toys and dolls can be easier photo subjects (sometimes) than humans in my opinion because you can pose them exactly how you imagine, and you can take many shots while they hold the same pose! There are many highly poseable kawaii dolls like Monster High, Ever After High, Made-To-Move Barbie, and even BJD!

#3- Crafting/DIY! A big part of Kawaii subculture which isn’t really talked about enough in my opinion is the amount of crafty kawaii lifestylers! I’ve seen so many crafty kawaii lifestylers who make their own clothes, jewelry, accessories, décor… but yet I don’t see much discussion about it, and it can be hard to find good craft tutorials online for that specific niche! But crafty-ness is a big part of kawaii culture! I’ve even recently discovered a good place to get some kawaii stickers and beads for cute resin and jewelry projects, ! Blippo has many very kawaii items for pretty cheaply, just the other night I ordered a BUNCH of stuff for under $12 and free shipping, as well as a free mystery welcome gift! (my full review of Blippo is coming soonish, my orders are still in post). Another great place to find kawaii craft supplies is Aliexpress using search terms like “Kawaii Cabochon” and others like that. Just remember that Aliexpress is similar to Amazon/Ebay and you should always check the reviews before buying anything! (Note- this post was not sponsored by either of these sites, this is just my own opinion).

#4- Baking! Baking can be so much fun, and you don’t even need to make things from scratch to have a good time! Want to know a secret? Some of the best cakes I’ve ever made were with a modified box mix! One of my best tips is: “To make a boxed cake mix really amazing, follow the directions on the box EXCEPT: add 1 more egg than what it calls for, instead of using oil use melted butter (and double the amount), instead of water use milk!” This tip I found on Pinterest, and I’ve used it several times to make some of the best cakes and cupcakes I’ve ever made! ….So I bet you’re wondering how this hobby is particularly “kawaii”? Well, the decorating of course! Decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more is one of the best parts of baking! You can make the baked good as kawaii as you want!

#5- Journaling! I know I mentioned this briefly in Wednesday’s post, but let’s talk quickly about how to make this kawaii. Again, you can use sites like to find cute stickers, washi tape, pens and pencils! You can also doodle in your journal and draw cute things like flowers, animals, and chibis! You can also press flowers in a journal for extra cute-ness. 

What do you think of our suggestions? What do you consider to be “kawaii” hobbies? Let us know in the comments!

Thank you for reading, remember to love yourself, stay awesome, and I'll see you in our next post!
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  1. Hi I love baking and crafting these hobbies make me feel inspired to just be me ! You can also kawaii things up a bit by collecting kawaii utensils for your kitchen like bake ware, aprons, and dishes. I loved the article! keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! I'm so glad you liked this article! :)

  2. Great article! It was nice to read :)

  3. such a cute article


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