Staying Creative – 5 Reliable Tips to Use When You Have a Creative Slump – Royals Lesson!

Ciao lovelies! Today, let’s talk creativity- specifically, let’s talk about how to stay creative during a slump. At some point in their lives, everyone that loves to create will eventually reach a slump. Whether that means writer/artists block or just a distinct lack of ideas/time to create, these slumps can be really inconvenient and sometimes discouraging for a creative person.

So how do you manage to stay creative during a creative slump, or just in general? Today I want to give 5 of my best, most reliable tips on how I stay creative during a slump.

#1- Don’t stop creating. Yes you might not have ideas that you like, or you may think you don’t have time, but honestly just 10 minutes of creative time per day can really bolster your creativity and help ease you out of a creative slump. If you’re an artist who loves to draw, maybe just a quick sketch per day to keep you fresh. If you’re a writer, writing a paragraph per day can help you avoid writers block. And if it’s ideas you’re having trouble with, see our next tip!

#2- Seek inspiration. A big thing I know for myself with creative slumps is that I have them because of a lack of ideas/inspiration. So a big way that I solve them is through seeking inspiration, through things like Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest is a big source of inspiration for people who love to create.

#3- Try something new. Whether you are trying a new experience, or new art style, trying something new can break you out of your creative slump. This is because sometimes creative slumps can be caused by falling into routines, which can bore your brain. So try waking your brain by doing something new!

#4- Become a consumer, not a producer. Sometimes the key to breaking out of a creative slump is to take the pressure off to produce, and instead take some time to appreciate the art of others. While I feel this could also count as seeking inspiration, this is a little different. Don’t look at the creative works of others simply to gain inspiration but instead just take some time to appreciate it for what it is.

#5- Keep learning. It’s important to foster a creative brain and spirit, and the way to do this is to find something new to learn daily. Whether or not it’s in your “field”, learning something every day will help your brain think more creatively. Feeding your brain new information often is one of the key ways to foster a creative mind.

The takeaway here is that creative slumps happen, but you definitely have the power to overcome them. After all, if you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who loves to create, and I know that your creative spirit will persevere.

Thank you for reading, remember to love yourself, stay awesome, and I'll see you in our next post!
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