OFT in One Year- 2018 Blogging Recap

Ciao lovelies! As the end of the year approaches (don’t worry, we’ll be having more New Year posts coming), I’d like to take some time to reflect on how far OFT has come and changed in a year, as well as look back on our most popular posts for the year and set some goals for OFT for next year.

As you may know, I came back to this blog and began to form it into what it is today around December of 2016. (All posts before this are transfers from other blogs). So as of now, it’s been about two years!! And it’s been a great two years.

I want to mainly focus on this past year, 2018 (and some of December 2017). Just in this past year alone, OFT has seen some big changes.

For one, we started our Royals Lessons series and honestly? Now I can’t imagine the blog without them! I love having an outlet to share knowledge and encouragement for others! (Of course, that’s all of OFT but the Royals Lessons allow me to do it in a more organized fashion). If you haven’t seen the Royals Lessons (or simply want to look back on all the Lessons this year), check out our Royals Lessons tag!

For two, we started our OFT Royals Amino! A place where fans of the Royals Lessons and Invitean lore can come, talk, socialize, and roleplay! If you haven’t already, please check it out! (CLICK ME)!

We also had a contest where we gave away a Kawaii Care Package! And we had our first International Giveaway! 

It’s been a busy year for OFT, but I can tell it’s been a busy year for you all too! How do I know? Well I know many of you have been busy reading OFT’s posts! Let’s review the top read posts this year!

You all LOVED the age-regression post I wrote to shed some light onto this coping mechanism! I was so blown away by the positive response to this post. I was also so happy to know that this post helped many of you!

You also liked OFT’s first “news” themed post, which I am so happy and grateful for. I was really worried about putting out this kind of post because I feared that it would be boring or too serious for a place like OFT, but you all showed me that I can branch out and not feel afraid to!

Man, I am seeing a pattern with these “Question” type titles! You all seemed to really love the post spotlighting the EGL fashion and subculture! This was another post I was hesitant about writing because while I love this subculture and find it truly fascinating, I was worried others might not want to learn about it. But luckily, I was wrong! You all show me time and time again that I should just write without fears, and for that I’m really grateful.

I was so happy to see this post’s popularity take off. I love knowing that you all are practicing self-care! This post was so much fun to write and make!

Seeing this post in the top five makes me so happy. I love toy collecting and seeing that you all have some interest in it too makes me feel over the moon! I can’t wait to make more toy collecting videos and posts for you all in the future!

So, now that we know what 2018 was like for OFT….what do I hope 2019 will have in store?

I personally hope to create a welcoming community around OFT. I also hope to have more giveaways/contests. And I really want to work on our YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. I know I haven’t been the best about keeping up with those.

The biggest goal I’d like to achieve for 2019 is not letting my seasonal problems get the best of me. I tend to get more depressed around November-December and I let OFT slide. But my biggest goal for 2019 is to not give in when that depression becomes harder. 

Thanks so much for reading. Remember to stay awesome, and I’ll see you in our next post!

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