5 Kawaii Last Minute Gift Ideas - Kawaii Fridays!

Ciao lovelies! Christmas is on Tuesday, and for those of us who celebrate it, most of our Christmas shopping is done, but if you’re stressing because you didn’t find that perfect kawaii gift for your loved one, never fear! Today I’ve got 5 last minute kawaii gift ideas for you!

These gifts range from DIY to Buy, but I’m sure your recipient would be happy to get them no matter what!

#1- Kawaii Art!
Making someone a one of a kind art piece is a great gift, and you can make a super kawaii gift out of it! This may seem like a daunting challenge at first, but painting a kawaii piece isn’t actually that hard! We have tutorials on three different kawaii paintings! (CLICK ME!)

#2- A Kawaii Mystery Box!
Putting together a Kawaii mystery box for your loved one is also a great idea! Basically you get a box and fill it with a bunch of surprises! You can wrap each surprise inside the box for extra fun!
If you don’t want to buy all the surprises, you can always hand-make a bunch of gifts and add them to the box!

#3- Kawaii Jewelry!
Making (or buying) your recipient some kawaii jewelry is a good option! If you can’t find anything that strikes you as “kawaii” then maybe buy some beads and make your own! Some cute themes for jewelry are things like: pastels, cotton candy, pink and purple…. You can even base the color scheme off their favorite Pokémon or Anime Character.

#4- A Teacup / Teapot!
You can find these in thrift stores and if you don’t like the pattern on it, you can repaint one yourself! Maybe you could even go to a painting-pottery store and make a custom set for your loved one!

#5- A Mix CD with their favorite Kawaii songs!
Making a CD full of their favorite songs is sure to be a hit, especially if they have a car with a CD player or a computer, as they can offload the songs from the CD into like iTunes! You can even put the CD in a decorated case !

Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays!

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