Royally Cute/Kawaii Room Decorating! – Royals Lesson!

Ciao lovelies! Today’s lesson falls more on the kawaii side of things, as well as potentially on the LARP side of things (if you consider decorating your space in a royally cute way to be LARPing as a Royal, that is). Today we’re talking about Royal Room Decorating, I’ll be sharing some of my tips on how to get a super kawaii and fun-to-live-in space, as well as some decluttering tips, sharing some of my fave DIY’s, and even spotlighting some YouTube Videos about this topic. So let’s jump in!

Step One to Royal Room Decorating is starting with a clean space. Making sure that you have a fresh clean slate is very important. 

Some tips to decluttering your space are:
-          Know what you do and don’t use, and get rid of what you don’t. If you’re like me and hoard craft supplies, make sure that your supplies are actually useful items that you will put to use soon, or discard them (or give them away to another crafter). 

-          Go through your clothes, anything you don’t wear anymore, donate to charity.

-          Clean out any trash from your space.

-          Everything should have a designated place, even if that place is a miscellaneous bin. 

Step two is deciding on your generalized décor theme. You don’t have to confine yourself to one narrow theme, but picking a general idea can help keep your décor cohesive. I am guilty of having non-cohesive décor, unfortunately, but my general theme is “Kawaii”. So, I try to display items in a cute fashion, have cute décor items, and decorate things accordingly. (Though some of my décor is a little out of the theme, but these “different” pieces are not in the majority.)

Step three is, naturally, decorating! Finding décor pieces to match your theme might be easy, or might be hard, depending on your tastes and interests. For today, I’m going to be focusing on a generalized “Cute/Elegant/Kawaii” theme. (We also have a Luxury Room Decorating On A Budget Post HERE!)

So, if one wants to decorate their space in a “kawaii” fashion, finding décor to match might be hard.  While yes, if you have the funds you can buy from shops like Blippo or buy cute anime figures or other kawaii décor at conventions, but if you want to decorate cutely on a budget, there are many options for you!

How to Decorate Cutely on a Budget!
1.       Thrift Shopping! One of the best ways to get cute décor for your space is thrift shopping! Even if you don’t find anything inherently cute, you can always get creative and add a DIY touch to items you find! And you never know, you might find something super kawaii at a thrift store. Check out THIS POST for some Thrifting Tips!

2.       DIY! Another great way to get cute décor for your space is to make it yourself or transform existing items into cute items! Yumi King has a great Playlist for Kawaii Room Décor DIY’s. We have even done some DIY posts on Room Décor, check out THIS Royals Lesson on how to transform items into cute room décor, and we also have a post on how to make some Kawaii Paintings (CLICK ME!). 

3.       Dollar Stores! You can find some cute stuff at the Dollar Store too! I found all this super cute stuff for decorating at the dollar store (each item was only $1):
. I also found this cute serving tray which is metal, and I use it to display lip balms on my dresser at Uni:
4.       Double-Use Items! What does this mean? Well take for example my desk’s décor:
. I use my squishies as both décor and stress relief! You can also use items like cute clothes/bags/accessories for décor, like hanging cute necklaces on jewelry organizers on your dresser and such, or displaying cute bags on a shelf. 

5.       Sales! Take advantage of Sales, but make sure items are actually on sale (sometimes stores mark up items shortly before a sale and then mark them down to look like a sale, but they’re actually normal price.). Sales like post-holiday sales are great. For example, Halloween just ended and you can still find discount Halloween stuff, if that’s your thing. And I’m thinking, after Valentines Day, you could find tons of cute pastel items on sale!

Thank you for reading! I hope these tips on how to decorate cute on a budget helped you! 

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  1. Ooo! This so cool! Ty!

  2. if i have a bunch of sanrio plushies, a cute desk (ill either paint it blue pink or purple), a cute bed (still looking for cute bedsheets), and 2 cute rugs (ones pink and fluffy and ones white, pink, purple, blue, and gold) is that good for a kawaii room? i have a lot more sanrio things upcoming for different holidays aswell so that'll be really helpful for my room. (my walls are white rn, im going to paint them purple)


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