Luxury On a Budget Part 2 (Style and Hygiene)- ROYALs Lesson!

Ciao Royals! Today’s lesson is a continuation of my Luxury on a Budget miniseries within the ROYALs Lessons series! (You can find part one HERE!). Today we’re going to be talking about achieving a luxurious/opulent physical appearance (in terms of hygiene, and fashion) : without pain to your wallet.

There are many aspects to one’s physical appearance and overall presence that are indicative of an opulent or luxurious air. It is far more than just one’s clothing or makeup that makes them look opulent/luxurious (though some aspects of those variables do apply). To create an opulent and regal air to oneself, one must consider things like: personal hygiene, color matching, patterns, posture, and more.

But, for the sake of simplicity, today we will be discussing: Hygiene and self-care and styling yourself (clothing-wise). Next time we will be talking about things like matching fragrances and makeup and hair and nails tips, and more.

So, let’s begin.



To create a luxurious/opulent appearance one should start with a clean fresh canvas; that canvas is you. Keeping up with hygiene and self-care is the right start to a luxurious appearance.

Some tips for a luxurious self-care/hygiene routine are:

-          Milk baths are so luxurious! My favorite way to take a milk bath is a full bathtub of regular warm water, with a cup of cow’s milk and a teaspoon of honey, both diluted in the water. Milk in the bathwater makes the water feel amazingly silky and soft. Plus it leave your skin feeling soft because of the fats and lactic acids in the milk. 

-          Bath Bombs have gotten pretty easy to find and can make your bathing experience feel luxurious. Plus I’ve seen them cost as low as a dollar, so they’re easy on the wallet too. 

-          Taking some Vitamin E daily or using a lotion with Vitamin E in it is great for your skin and will help with dry skin. I use a lotion that has Vitamin E and shea in it because my skin gets really dry in the winter.

Remember to maintain hygiene at all times if you want to have a more regal air.


Making a luxurious appearance with clothing doesn’t have to include high fashion brands. Sure, in some fashions like EGL, having brand name clothing can make you more esteemed, but having brand name clothing is actually not necessary to look luxurious/opulent. What will help you look well-put-together in terms of clothing is more so HOW you wear your clothes, not WHAT you wear. 

Some tips on how to look luxurious/opulent/well-put-together in terms of fashion include:

-          Picking “Fancy” fabrics can be a nice way to make an outfit look luxurious, even if you just got it from the thrift store. For winter, a velvet or faux (fake) fur main piece (or piece of outerwear) can make an outfit look really luxurious. For warmer months, chiffon or fabrics like it are great for that luxury feeling. Silks/satins are nice too, though probably harder to find in secondhand stores. I have been able to find satin pieces relatively simply, but silk pieces are harder to find. And of course, your main piece doesn’t have to be a “Fancy” fabric for an outfit to look nice, you can include a statement accessory like a silk scarf or chiffon shawl, or even a faux fur collar. 

-          Costume/Fashion jewelry is another great way to sprinkle in some nice looking aspects into a regular outfit. Make sure to pick pieces that fit your personal style. A really simple way to add some luxury into an outfit is to add fake pearls or fake diamonds/gemstones into it. A fake pearl necklace or earrings can make a simple dress look really elegant. 

-          Make sure you know how to color match. Finding what colors look nice together can make a world of difference in an outfit. Certain color families look really nice and opulent! Picking jewel tones like royal blues, purples, reds, etc. look very opulent. The reason behind this is simple, these colors are historically royal colors. If you’re more of a pastels person, pastel pink, blue, and lavender look lovely together, and you could even splash in pastel yellow if you wanted to. For someone who loves more monotone schemes like black and grey, matching a statement color like purple could really look lovely. 

Looking well-put-together can really help develop an aristocratic or regal appearance, in any clothing.

So, what do you think is most important to creating a luxurious appearance? Is it something we talked about today or something else? Let us know in the comments what you think is most crucial to a regal appearance!

 Thanks for reading, Royal! See you in my next post!

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