Top 5 Horror Movies You NEED to Watch this Halloween Season!

Ciao lovelies! Today I am putting together a list of 5 horror movies that you need to watch this Halloween season!!! For each movie I have noted the rating and any warnings I think you will need before you watch it. These movies are not listed in any particular order. WARNING- I have included images for each movie. Some may be scary, reader discretion advised.

Oculus (Rated R)

Suspense, Thriller/Mystery. Two siblings investigate the years earlier deaths of their parents that might’ve been caused by an evil mirror. Contains scenes of gore, and some violence, as well as intense themes. Not suitable for younger audiences.

The Boy (Rated PG-13)

Mystery/Thriller. An American nanny is tasked with taking care of a life-sized doll, which may or may not be alive. Contains intense scenes of violence and some gore.

Poltergiest (Rated PG)

Thriller. When unearthly happenings begin occurring to the Freeling family, their little daughter goes missing, and they seek help from a parapsychologist. Contains a scene of a man peeling his flesh from his face, viewer discretion advised.

The Conjuring (Rated R)

Mystery/Thriller. Ed and Lorraine Warren, a power-couple of paranormal investigators, try to help a family who’s being haunted by an evil force. Includes intense overall imagery and ideas. Not suitable for younger audiences, or those easily frightened by thinking of demons.

The Woman in Black (Rated PG-13)

Drama/Mystery. A widower finds himself caught up in a town’s fear of a house out in the marsh, and a ghostly figure that foretells death. Contains a few jump-scares and some scenes of blood. 

What do you think of our list? Would you add any movie to this list? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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