Li'l Woodzeez VS Calico Critters- Toy Review/Comparison

Ciao lovelies! Today's post is about the differences between "Li'l Woodzeez" and "Calico Critters." We will be comparing the two and reviewing them to find out which is better. 


These two toys are similar in make and design, but have a few key differences. Keep reading (or skip to the conclusion) to see which brand I prefer!

These toys have the same basic concept - Small animal dolls with a fuzzy texture. 


The Li'l Woodzeez owl I got from a blind bag called "Li'l Woodzeez Babeez". These blindbags look like these: (picture from

(I'm including a picture from because I forgot to take a picture of the blind bag before opening it.)

Contained inside the blindbag was a crib, bib, checklist, and doll.  The blind bag cost $3 and I found it at Target.

Here is the doll with the bib on:


I am going to be comparing this doll to a Calico Critter from the Baby Band series blind bags, and a Calico Critters bed from the triplet bunk beds set. 

Let's begin with the dolls:

 So, already off the bat there are some noticeable differences.

For one, the eye shape on the Li'l Woodzeez doll (left) is more oval, and the Calico Critter's (right) eyes are circular.

Another big difference is clothing quality/aesthetic. The Calico Critters babies have more cute (in my opinion) clothing with lace details. The Li'l Woodzeez owl baby only has a cloth diaper. 

The Li'l Woodzeez owl also has some factory defects on his beak where the fuzzy material on the body got glued partially onto his beak. And some of the beak paint is on the fuzzy material.

Something else that's not easy to see is the difference in texture. The fuzzy material on the Li'l Woodzeez owl is less soft than the Calico Critters baby. 

Another difference that is easier to see is that the Li'l Woodzeez baby is more thick in the body area than the Calico Critter, but has marginally thinner arms than the Calico Critter. 

As for similarities, they stand at about the same height (not factoring in the rabbit's ears). They both need to be leaned on something to hold them up, neither can stand on their own. 

Now, let's compare the beds:

Now before I begin comparing the beds, I do know that this isn't a proper comparison because the Calico Critters bed came with a separate set and the Li'l Woodzeez bed came with the blindbag. But I thought I'd compare them anyway so you can see key differences.

The biggest differences in my opinion are size and realism. The Li'l Woodzeez crib (left) is much bigger than the Calico Critters bed (right). The colors/styles are also very different. The Calico Critters bed looks much more real because of the paint-job. I personally think it's cuter but that's just my opinion.


 I think the Li'l Woodzeez dolls are kind of like cheaper Calico Critters, but I'd say that the Calico Critters are much better quality and worth spending the extra money on. It's not even that much more money either, Calico Critters Baby Band Series Blind bags can be found for like $4 at Walmart. And the bunk bed set was $7 for 3 beds (that come with mattresses and blankets.) So in my opinion, the Calico Critters are the better buy, and cuter too.

Thanks for reading! What do you think? Do you prefer Calico Critters or Li'l Woodzeez?

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