4 Halloween DIY Crafts You MUST TRY! Super Easy and Fun!

Ciao lovelies! Today I have 4 DIY projects for you for Halloween! These projects are easy and fun! 

What you'll need for all 4 projects:

-Paint in colors Black, brown, orange 
-Purple craft foam
-Thin cardboard (I cut up old snack boxes for these)
-Cat ear headbands (I found a 4 pack at the dollar tree)
-A small cardboard box (I used a poptart box)
-Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
-Tacky Glue
-sticky notes 
-One normal headband
-OPTIONAL- Black Cardstock
-OPTIONAL: half-pearls in various colors

Let's get into the DIY's!

DIY #1- Bat Headband!

Start with a cat ear headband. I got mine from a four pack at the Dollar Tree. 
Cut two bat shapes from thin cardboard. 
Paint both sides black. 
OPTIONAL- Glue on half-pearls for eyes using tacky glue. 
Lastly, glue the bats on to the tips of the ear outlines. 
And you're done!

DIY #2- Halloween Doll Room! (or small object photography backdrop)

Start with a small cardboard box (I'm using a poptart box).
Cut away the top and one side. 
Paint the inside orange. 
Glue a piece of purple craft foam to the bottom to make a floor.
Cut a tree and bat shape from the foam, and glue them in place.
OPTIONAL- Add little charms to the tree!
And you're done! Now you can take pictures of small objects in the tiny room!

DIY #3- Pumpkin Notepad

Start with a piece of white cardstock. 
Paint on your desired design, mine was a pumpkin (Hey! If you want to see some Halloween painting tutorials, leave a comment saying "Pumpkin" below!)
Cut the card-stock so it can be folded around a pack of sticky notes. 
Glue the "spine" of the sticky notes onto the fold of the cardstock!
Now you have your own notepad!

DIY #4- Bat Wings Headband!

Cut some thin cardboard/cardstock into batwing shapes like these, being sure to leave a small rectangle at the end. 
Paint them black (or skip this step by using black cardstock!
Fold the rectangle in half and glue it onto a headband!
Repeat for the other side!
And you're done!

Thank you so much for reading! Did you like these DIY's? If you did, leave a comment saying "Happy Spooky-tober" below! 

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