Whipple Heart Shaped Pastries Craft Kit Review- Kawaii Fridays!

Ciao lovelies! Today’s kawaii Friday’s post is going to be a review of a super cute craft kit by Whipple: “Whipple Heart Shaped Pastries Craft Kit”.

This kit cost me about $7 at Target, but it was on sale. This item is not available on Target’s website but I did find it on Amazon for $8.30

Here is what the packaging looks like:

This kit is for ages seven and up, and included items are: instructions, one bag of pink Whipple cream, a nozzle and cap, 2 fake cake halves, 2 fake macaron halves, one fake waffle, a bag of beads and gems, 2 key chains, and one fake strawberry half. 

Nothing in this kit is edible, this is NOT meant to be eaten.

As for playability, making the three pastries took me a pretty short amount of time, BUT there was so much Whipple cream left over that I was able to decorate some cat ears headbands that I had, as well as my stapler.

The cost per toy: This kit makes 3 toys (one cake, one waffle, and one macaron.).
 (The waffle and macaron can be attached to keychains.) 

So, for the price I bought this kit at, each toy cost me around $2.33. This cost per toy doesn’t include the playability aspect, though. I had a very fun time making these little pastries. 

One tip I do recommend is to test out the Whipple cream with the nozzle on first on a piece of paper or something else you can throw away later. So you can gain some practice and control over the Whipple cream.

Is this kit worth buying? I think this kit is worth buying for a few reasons.

#1- Just buying the Whipple cream by itself on Amazon is about $6. But in this kit for just a few dollars more you get pieces to make some toy pastries!

#2- This kit is very fun and encourages creativity. 

#3- The finished products are very kawaii and can be used as décor!

#4- The leftover Whipple cream can be used to make some other projects, like I did. 

Overall, I give this kit a 5/5! I love this kit and I want to buy more Whipple kits in the future.
I might even do a YouTube video of me doing another Whipple craft kit. What do you all think? Would you want to see that?

 Thank you so much for reading, have a great weekend, remember to love yourself, stay awesome, and I'll see you in my next post!

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