Shopkins Lil Secrets Secret Locket Review - Kawaii Fridays!

Ciao lovelies! Today for Kawaii Fridays I have a kawaii review for you all of a new toy! Today I am reviewing a Shopkins Lil Secrets Secret Locket. 

So what is a Shopkins Lil Secrets Secret Locket? These are little play-sets that come with a tiny doll and small Shopkins toy inside. These are essentially like Polly Pockets. 

This particular play-set is the "Locally Grown Farmers Market" set.

 It comes with a small doll called a "Teeny Shoppie" named Summer Peaches. She has pink hair and a pink dress and shoes, and has a leaf on her head. 

 I also got a small Shopkins toy named "Berry Blue"! Each Secret Locket comes with one Shoppie, and one Shopkins. 

Currently there are six different lockets to collect in the single packs and 3 that you can get with regular size Shoppie dolls. 

So now that you have the basic info, on to the review!


I like this toy more for display purposes (you can even wear it around your neck as a necklace!). I think that a child with a creative mind could have a fun time playing with these lockets and creating little stories for the Shoppies inside. For me, this locket has a 4/5 play-ability rating.


I love the design of these lockets, they are super kawaii and girly. For me personally, the design of these lockets is 5/5!


These lockets cost about $4 at Target and Walmart. I think the fact that you get a mini-playset, doll, and Shopkins toy inside makes the cost worth it. 


I like this product very much and I think it would be perfect for any collector of Kawaii items/toys. 5/5!

Thanks for reading, remember to love yourself, and I'll see you in my next post!

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